Mackay Sugar`s Productivity Awards 2012

13 April 2012
Best Productivity Zone 1 (Nth Coast)
Vellaroo Farming
Darren, Savannah and Lincoln Vella and Graham Blines (Rabo Bank)
Best Productivity Zone 2 (Calen)
AD Pratt
Clifford Pratt (right) and Andrew Cappello (on behalf of Crokers Truck Centre)
Best Productivity Zone 3 (Ossa – Seaforth)
Samari Pty Ltd
Michael and Joshua Ferlazzo (right) and Christine West (on behalf of Meng Tyres)
Best Productivity Zone 4 (Silent Grove – Owens Creek)
Samari Pty Ltd
Michael and Joshua Ferlazzo (right) and Andrew Cappello (on behalf of Water Dynamics)
Best Productivity Zone 5 (Kuttabul)
Silkwish Pty Ltd ATF McLean Farming Trust
Scott Mclean (right) and Steve Fordyce (ACFA)
Best Productivity Zone 6 (Habana)
VC Muscat
Vince Muscat (right) and Darren Bugeja (Farview Engineering)
Best Productivity Zone 7 (Mt Martin)
McFaul Family Trust
Roy McFaul (left) and Brian Costello (Hodge Industries)
Best Productivity Zone 8 (Devereaux – Nabilla)
EJ & KV Bugeja Family Trust
Manny, Nathan and Rebecca Bugeja (right) and
Andrew Cappello (on behalf of ACE Marian)
Best Productivity Zone 9 (Coningsby)
Mrs MA Kippen
Ian Kippen Jnr (left) and
Brad Hamilton (Consolidated Plastic & Epoxy)
Best Productivity Zone 10 (Farleigh/Erakala)
MA & AM Camilleri
No photo taken
Best Productivity Zone 11 (Richmond)
L & CM Baretta
David Baretta (right) and
Lee Blackburn (on behalf of Impact Fertilisers)
Best Productivity Zone 12 (Upper Valley)
RF Gibson
Rob Gibson (right) and
Jim Peoples (on behalf of Coleman Agencies)
Best Productivity Zone 13 (Mirani)
C & Mrs C Axiak
Charlie Axiak (left) and
Mathew Woodward (McGinns Engineering)
Best Productivity Zone 14 (Palms – Foulden)
HE Robke
Herb Robke (right) and
Andrew Cappello (on behalf of Metaland Mackay)
Best Productivity Zone 15 (Septimus – Pinevale)
FM Agius
Fred Agius (left) and Lou Pace (Landmark)
Best Productivity Zone 16 (Allandale – Brightley)
RS & Mrs KJ Bugeja
Richard Bugeja (right) and
Darren Deguara (DMD Hydraulic Hoses & Repairs)
Best Productivity Zone 17 (Victoria Plains)
PA & Mrs LC Zammit
Paul Zammit (right) and
Steve Muscat (Greenmount Engineering)
Best Productivity Zone 18 (Mt Vince)
DC McLennan Pty Ltd ATF McLennan Family Trust
No photo taken
Best Productivity Zone 19 (Bakers Creek)
GJ Galea
Gerry Galea (right) and
Tom Becker (Townsend Industries)
Best Productivity Zone 20 (Oakenden)
SM & D Sievers ATF BDS Sievers Family Trust
No photo taken
Best Productivity Zone 21 (Sandy Creek)
Kajavi Pty Ltd ATF The Kevin Lay Family Trust
Gary Lay (right) and
Nobby Byrne (Carlisle Tractors Pty Ltd)
Best Productivity Zone 22 (Alligator Creek)
LC & Mrs EM Windsor
Les Windsor (left) and
Julian Vassallo (GPS Solutions Mackay)
Best Productivity Zone 23 (Munbura)
DA Galea
David Galea (right) and
Wayne Berginery (Ravensdown Fertilisers)
Best Practice Zone 24 (Blue Mountains)
G, Mrs S, LG & Mrs AT Borg
Joseph Borg (right) and
Chris Adams (Rabo Bank)
Reef Rescue Practice Adoption
Andrew Deguara
Pictured (at left) with Phil Trendle (Reef Catchment)
In Appreciation for On Farm Research
Mount Catherine Co-op Ltd
John Fox (left) and
Dave Hindle (Crokers Fuel & Oils Pty Ltd)
Harvesting Award – Under 30,000 Tonnes 2011
Peoples Pty Ltd, Binstead Brothers, Rob Gibson
Jim Peoples (left) and Rob Gibson (right) and
Glen Agnew (Dowdens Pumping Sales and Service)
Harvesting Award – 30,000 Tonnes to 50,000 Tonnes 2011
Dean Insch & Ned Muscat
Pictured (at right and left) with David Pace (Centracks)
Harvesting Award – Over 50,000 Tonnes 2011
Craig Keating
Pictured (at right) with
Andrew Cappello (on behalf of McDonald Murphy Machinery Pty Ltd)
Young Grower Award 2011
George Williams
Pictured (at right) with
Paul Schembri (Canegrowers Mackay Sugar Area Committee)
Sustainable Management Practices Award 2011
John Muscat
Pictured (at right) with
George Russell (Sucrogen BioEthanol AgServices)
Best Average Producer Over 5 Years 2011
Kajavi Pty Ltd ATF The Kevin Lay Family Trust
Gary Lay (right) and John Markley (Farmacist)
Cane Growing Excellence Award 2011
Samari Pty Ltd
Joshua and Michael Ferlazzo (front) and
Bruce Drysdale (Farm HQ)

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