Apperley Bridge Where is the site?

Town Centre Securities PLC
BPL House, 888 Harrogate Road, Bradford
Apperley Bridge
Where is the site?
• The site is located off Harrogate Road, alongside the Leeds
Liverpool Canal in Apperley Bridge.
• The site falls within the boundaries of both Bradford and Leeds
What is the current position?
• Barratts currently occupy the 6.8 acre site in
Apperley Bridge
• Barratts have said that the site no longer fulfils
their requirements
• The site is not well suited to on-going employment
What is the plan?
• Ownership of the site has now transferred to
Town Centre Securities PLC (TCS)
• TCS propose to submit an outline planning
application for residential use
What benefits will this bring to
Apperley Bridge?
• Regeneration of an underused industrial site
• Improvement to the character and appearance of
the area
• Private sector investment
• Boost to the local economy
Key improvements to the
conservation area
• Canal Frontage – The canal side will be improved by
the demolition of existing and unsightly buildings.
What is going to happen to
• There has been a major reduction in the use of the head
office and warehouse facilities at the Apperley Bridge site.
• In 2008 over 400 people were employed, today there are only
• Only 90 stores are now being serviced from the operation
compared with 400 in 2008.
• The offices and warehouses are now extremely dated and
inefficient by modern standards and are becoming
increasingly difficult and costly to maintain.
• There is tremendous loyalty to the local area from all those
employed at the Head Office and a desire for the business to
continue to be based in and around Apperley Bridge area.

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