Writing Your Own Food Defense Plan

Step three in developing a food
defense plan
All vendors providing processed foods to
USDA federal feeding programs must be in
compliance with the Food Defense System.
Vulnerability assessment
Map of facility
Operational documents
 HACCP plan
 SOP or GMP
 BQA or PQA plans
Designate a food
defense coordinator to
develop, implement
and maintain the Food
Defense Plan
Courtesy of Food Technology magazine, from "Defending the Food
Supply," August 2005, Vol. 59, No.8. Food Technology is a publication
of the Institute of Food Technologists, www.ift.org.
Describe each vulnerability specifically.
Decide if the vulnerability is practical to
Determine a countermeasure.
Decide who will be responsible to implement
the countermeasure.
Choose a reasonable timeline for
Initial and date plan when implementation of
countermeasure is completed.
Review and revise the plan to accommodate
new and newly elevated risks
Train the employees regarding their effort in:
 Prevention
 Detection
 Response
Test the countermeasures after
 Make unannounced entrances at various
 Check locks in vulnerable areas
 Perform a mock recall
 Test inventory procedures
Re-evaluate the plan annually or as products,
processes or facilities change.
Copies of the plan should be kept on-site and

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