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Film Tourism:
Opportunities and
Catherine Bates, Tourism New
What is the opportunity?
• The world’s eyes will be on us
• The Hobbit movies highlight New
Zealand as:
– a great place to visit
– a great place to do business
– a great place for film production
• Take the attention and use it to
our advantage
We are starting from a
good base
In 2004
• 87% of visitors were aware The
Lord of The Rings trilogy was
made in New Zealand.
• 6% cite The Lord of the Rings
as being one of the main
reasons for visiting
• 1% cite the Lord of the Rings
as their main or only reason
for visiting equating to $33m
in spend
In 2004
• 63,200 visitors participated in a
LOTR activity
– 10,000 undertook a group tour for
LOTRs fans;
– 20,250 completed an organised tour
that included a LOTR site;
– 29,250 visited a LOTR site
• Since 2004 an average of 47,000
international tourists per year
Relevance today
• 54% of our target market are aware
of The Hobbit films
• 48 % are aware that New Zealand is
the location
31% are fans
Film Tourism Internationally
Impact: Visitor Numbers /Revenue
Wallace Monument,
Fort Hayes, Kansas
300% increase in visitors year after
25% increase compared with 7% for
previous 4 years
25% increase year after release
Dances with Wolves
Last of the Mohicans
Captain Corelli’s
Mamma Mia
Chimney Rock Park, North
Cephalonia, Greece
Skopelos, Greece
50% increase in tourism over three years
The Beach
Major increase in tourism on the island
of Skopelos
22% increase in youth market in 2000
Harry Potter
Various locations in U.K
All saw an increase of 50% or more
Journal of Travel Research 2006; 44; 387; Promoting Destinations via Film Tourism: An
Empirical Identification of Supporting Marketing Initiatives; Simon Hudson and J. R. Brent
Ritchie. DOI: 10.1177/0047287506286720
The Hobbit
• Blend the Hobbit with the 100% Pure
• The Tolkien movies transport
viewers to a magical land of awe
inspiring backdrops.
• What is seen can only be made
possible through the wonders of
modern film-making.
• Not so …
New Zealand: Fantasy is
• The characters may be fictional, but the
landscape is very real
• It can be seen and enjoyed by anyone who
makes it here.
• Objective:
– to let audiences know that what appears
to be a fantasy is in fact a real place
to be enjoyed by all visitors.
– To let active considerers to know what
experiences are available beyond the

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