All Tune Up Specials Include - Arends

Pre-Season/End of Season Tune Up Specials
Let our STIHL trained and qualified technicians at Arends-Awe, Inc. help you be prepared
for the upcoming season with a STIHL handheld that will start and run when you need it
All Tune Up Specials Include:
-Draining of Old Fuel
-New Spark Plug, Air Filter, Fuel Filter
-Carburetor Adjustments as Needed
-Operation and Maintenance Inspection of Machine
STIHL motomix ran into the fuel system to ensure a fresh start at the
beginning of the new season !
Chainsaws Include-Bar Cleaning and Sharpening of Chain
- Trimmers Include-New Trimmer Line Installed
*A minimum of $18.75 inspection fee for all handheld units apply.
Prior to application of new parts included in the tune up special, an inspection will be
performed by our trained technicians to determine the functionality of the unit to be
serviced. If our technician determines that the unit requires additional work to
perform properly, an estimate for the cost of the repair will be made and the
customer will be contacted before the tune up special is performed.
Riggston- Call Jay Jones
Perry- Call Roger Johnson
Available for the following STIHL Handheld Blowers, Shredders, and Vac/Blowers:
BG55;BG56C-E; BG66L; BG86; BG86C-E; SH56C-E; SH86C-E
$29.99 + Tax
STIHL Chainsaws- Tune Up Specials differ in price due to model identification.
Prices Range From:
$29.99 to $69.99 + Tax
Most Home Owner and Mid Range Saws $ 29.99
Larger Mid Range Saws and Professional Series Saws $ 49.99 to $69.99
* Price depends on model
Available for the following STIHL Line Trimmers:
Newer Model FS40CE; FS45; FS46; FS55R; FS56RC-E;FS70RC-E; FS90;
FS90R; FS100RX; FS110R; FS110; FS130; FS130R
$31.99 + Tax
Available for the following STIHL Yard Boss and STIHL Kombi System’s:
MM55; MM55C-E; KM55R; KM56RC-E; KM90R; KM110R; KM130R
$29.99 + Tax
If the Kombi Unit has a line trimmer head attached, the $31.99 fee applies and the cutting head will
have the old line removed and new line installed.
Riggston- Call Jay Jones
Perry- Call Roger Johnson

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