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It is not because things are
difficult that we do not dare; it is
because we do not dare that
they are difficult.
-Lucius Annaes Seneca
I think that it takes courage to even
compete at the Olympics or any big
competition. And the courage to do the
type of training that he does. And it
takes courage to perform the way that
he does and get up each morning and
do it again.
Michael Phelps is originally from
Rogers Forge, Towson, Maryland. He is
currently attending the University of
Michigan, And living in Baltimore,
Maryland where he trains for his
upcoming competitions. That is where he
got the nick name the Baltimore Bullet.
Michael Phelps has competed in
competition all over the world. He has
competed in the Olympics in both Athens
(2004), and Beijing in (2008) He also
competed in Pan Pacific
Championships(2002, 2006, and 2010),
World Aquatics Championships (2003,
2005, 2007), 2004 summer Olympics. He has
also gotten world record all over the world.
I chose Michael Phelps over anyone else
because we are both really into swimming.
Well, that is sort of his career, and one day i
hope that I will be able to compete at a
national swim meet. I think that Michael
Phelps does what he does because he liked
swimming as a kid and he practiced really
hard and that is why he is where he is today.
They say that practice makes perfect and I
think that Michael Phelps is a very good
example of that.
He effect the lives of others by putting us
all in awe every time that he dives into the
water of a competition. And to perform
the way that he does and setting world
records, is jaw dropping And also for
everyone like me who looks up to him.
Most of us have far more
courage than we ever
dreamed we possessed.
-Dale Carnegie
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