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Bridge To Terabithia
Chapters 8-10 Questions
1. Where does Leslie want to go with Jess
and his family & why?
Answer: She wants to go to church for
Easter services because she’s never
been before.
2. How do the members of the Aarons
family (other than Jess) feel about
Answer: They think
Leslie is odd and
that they are unsure
about her hanging
around Jess so much.
3. Who is P.T.?
Answer: His name is Prince Terrien,
and he is the dog that Jess gives to
Leslie for Christmas.
4. Why is Jess afraid to go to
Terabithia in the rain?
Answer: He is afraid of swinging
over the swollen stream.
5. Describe Jess’s response to the
National Gallery of Art in
Washington, D.C. in one wellwritten sentence.
Answer: Jess is in awe and enjoying
himself but also allows himself to
think about Leslie.
6. Why does Miss Edmunds
take Jess to Washington, D.C.?
Answer: Miss Edmunds invites Jess
because her nephew could not
attend. She also knows how much
Jess loves art, and that he might
not otherwise have the
opportunity to go a museum.
7. What unbelievable news does
Brenda give Jess about Leslie
when he arrives back from
Answer: That Leslie has drowned.

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