Why Streetwize?

The Streetwize Leadership Expedition: unique & impactful?
28 November 2013
1. The Social Entreprise
reality check
Sell, defend and create unity for
new ideas and strategies.
Embrace and handle unexpected
Be able to pick up the opportunities in every situation.
Shift paradigms and entrepreneurial behaviour.
2. Leadership Expedition:
Qué ?
‘An extremely strong experience: forced out of the comfort
zone in a very respectful way, building on competences which
are crucial in a fast evolving/changing world.’ – Bert Van Rompaey
– Chief HR Officer BNP Paribas Fortis
What we believe
Through the work with our mobile schools worldwide at the one hand, we learnt that the streets
are a powerful example of changing environments, creativity and the power of unity.
Through our work with international business people at the other hand, we understood that also
the current business environment is one of permanent change, aggressive competition and high
Due to this rapidly changing context, you need to run your organization and lead your people in a
different way. We know that our 4 street skills (Positive Focus, Agility & Resilience, Pro-Active
Creativity and Cooperative Competition) can offer you a significant competitive advantage in your
aim to be ahead of the pack.
Does your business require more than just ‘employees’? Does your business require strong
leadership? Do you need a team has that been pushed beyond its comfort zone and has worked
together for something more important than themselves? Our Leadership Expedition is the
authentic experience you can’t get anywhere else.
What we believe
“When motivating people the importance of purpose is underestimated.
Often we try to replace it by money and prestige. But those are just just weak subsitudes.
When you’re able to get a group of purpose driven people behind you’re project it will rock.
With Streetwize we offer purpose driven training. No Streetwize trainee will lack answer asking
them why they did it. And the fact that themselves are not the centre of the answer explains the
power of the concept.
(Arnoud Raskin – founder Mobile school Streetwize)
Purpose driven experience based learning
There are 2 mayor concepts the overall metodology of a Streetwize leadership expedition
focusses on:
The purpose behind the learning: The willingness of the trainees to open up for new approaches,
concepts and paradigms is a crucial parameter that determines the impact of a training
investment. ‘Becoming a better employee’ is not bad as a driver, but in many cases it won’t be
enough. The SLE impacts the trainee, the company, but through the Mobile School challenge they
aswell directly impact the street kids.
Experience based learning:
Learning by experience has been proven a most effective strategy. Role playing or using concrete
cases can help to spice up the classicle classroom training. But nothing to compare with the
authentic experience of a leadership expedition. It takes people into a life changing experience
that helps them to reach te levels of deep rooted learning.
What we offer
An unforgettable personal and team experience that helps you to become a true authentic leader!
The Leadership Expedition is a 3,5 days experience based development program in which
you will strengthen your personal, leadership and team interaction skills.
We work locally on a challenge that triggers the entire team and inspires all participants.
Participants are given a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a direct personal impact on
street kids while interacting with them. We know from experience that this approach
generates a unique intrinsic and sustainable motivation on the part of our participants.
Our Leadership Expedition is based on content directly linked to our Street Skills Model
Customize your experience
Within The Leadership Expedition there are two options:
Power Team Development
In co-creating and executing a Street Kids Sport Competition project the participants will
enhance their personal management skills while also at a group level learn from the visible
and invisible team dynamics that they experience during the expedition.
Key Focus: Team Dynamics. Team Coordination. Team Building
Power Leadership Development
In co-creating and building Educational Tools for the Mobile School the participants will
enhance their personal management skills while also having to use their leadership skills in
a uniquely creative environment.
Key Focus: Personal & Group Leadership Style. Leadership in Creative Environments.
Overall Objectives
Leadership, 4 Street Sills, Change & Team Development
The acclaimed uniqueness and authenticity of the Leadership Expedition enables the
participants to get the following out of the program:
A better understanding of their own self management insights & skills.
Experience the power and added value of the 4 Street Skills (Positive Focus, Agility &
Resilience, Pro-Active Creativity and Cooperative Competition) for yourself and as
team member.
Experience the importance of leadership and working together in a changing
What to expect
The Program Outline of each of our Leadership Expedition programs is built and
defined together with our clients. It is based on your team objectives, chosen
location and specific requirements.
The overall RAW program outline looks as follows:
Day 1: Evening Opening + Key-note presentation + Team Challenge
Day 2: EXPLORE: connect and engage with street kids, get to understand their ‘world’
Day 3: CREATE: work in sub-teams on your challenge, pitch your first ideas,
Day 4: TEST: fine-tune your project and test the final outcome with the street kids on the
field, feedback and evaluation
The Team Challenge
Choosing for a Leadership Expedition is choosing for a learning ROI and an engagement ROI
As a team you'll work on a inspiring team challenge visiting one of the mobile school
project locations, offering you as a company and team the opportunity to concretely make
a community difference on the field, to get a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a direct
personal impact on street kids while interacting with them.
Teams who successfully completed their challenge can see their project used on all mobile
schools worldwide. This approach generates a unique intrinsic and sustainable motivation
on the part of the participants. That's how the expedition becomes a deep rooted learning
experience, combining best of both worlds: a true learning effect and a employee
engagement boost.
The Learning Process
Strong & Impactful: experiential, action-based learning
With the Leadership Expedition we purposely use experiential, action-based
learning as our main methodology. We combine it with sub-team project work,
team reflections and coaching.
The mix results in an impactful learning process that lasts.
“Instead of the traditional simulations in a classroom setting, we believe that a true
and authentic experience in a real ‘out of the comfort zone’ setting adds so much
more to the learning effect. Letting participants work on a meaningful, sustainable
project results in a much higher attention curve and learning transfer to their
business reality.” (Bart Van Bambost – Managing Partner Streetwize)
What’s Different?
★Experiential & Inclusive
★Purpose Driven
Choosing for a Leadership Expedition is
choosing for a learning ROI and an
engagement ROI…
3. What Clients
‘An amazing experience! I really appreciated the organization,
activities, atmosphere, the entire learning process and the
professionalism of Streetwize.’ – Amelie Gemers – Product Manager
Elia Group
Why Streetwize?
We make you better, you make us better.
In working 15 years with street kids through the Mobile School we
believe we detected 4 street skills that really can make a difference in
your permanent changing business environment.
The combination of these specific street skills with our unique
methodology clearly differentiates.
In the meantime employees are looking for meaningful contributions. In
the Leadership Expedition we bring all these elements together. Your
direct return is minimum better skilled and more engaged employees.
Our return is that the profit of the project is 100% re-invested in the
Mobile Schools, worldwide. With that hybrid business model we join
efforts in making this world a better place to stay.
The Streetwize Leadership Expedition: unique & impactful?
28 November 2013

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