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Enhancing the Climate Resilience of
Africa’s Infrastructure
The objective of this work is to strengthen the analytical base
for investments in Africa’s infrastructure under a future
uncertain climate. More specifically, the program seeks to:
a) Evaluate a range of impacts of climate change on a subset
of infrastructures (roads, hydro‐power and irrigation) over a
range of climate scenarios;
b) Develop and test a framework for investment decisionmaking that can be ‘robust’ under a wide range of climate
c) Formulate actionable recommendations for decision
makers on how to enhance the climate resilience of
infrastructure development.
Project locations
Research questions
• Impacts: assuming no adaptation, what is the
range of deviations (over different climate
scenarios) that climate change would cause in
terms of progress toward specified infrastructure
deployment and service goals as derived from
plausible infrastructure development targets
• Adaptation: what is the cost of reducing, across
as many climate scenarios as possible, the risk
that investment in the infrastructure sectors of
inquiry may be inadequate to the climate of the
future (in terms of size, siting, or design)?
The approach proposed envisages two tracks of analysis:
• under track 1, a policy-level analysis of impacts and
adaptation options would be conducted, at a relatively
coarser level of spatial resolution and largely using data
readily available from global or regional sources.
• Under track 2, the methodology developed to identify
‘robust’ adaptation options (i.e. option that would
result in the infrastructure delivering the expected
services under as many climate scenarios as possible)
would be applied to the design of specific investments
under preparation.
African Climate Policy Center’s role
• The ACPC is playing key role in promoting and
facilitating the project with relevant African
stakeholders (e.g. African Union Commission,
RECs, Power Pools, River Basin Organizations, etc)
• ACPC can expand the established WB-ACPC
– The portal can serve as a knowledge platform to share
information on African river basins and climate
change impact on infrastructure.
African Climate Policy Center’s role
ACPC assisted in:
• reviewing the terms of references for consultants
• Providing technical inputs in modelling the
impact of climate change on infrastructure in
Africa i.e. in refining the modeling approach,
project area etc
• ACPC assisted in conveying the first stakeholders
workshop of the project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
• Together with the WB continue monitoring,
reviewing and evaluating the progress of the
African Climate Policy Center’s role
• ACPC can be engaged in facilitating the preparation of
training workshops for the climate modelling and
climate change impact community in Africa
• Leverage the dissemination pathways to broader
stakeholders through its Climate for Development in
Africa conferences.
– The 2013 event is planned for October 29-31, and
presentation of results are welcome
• Distilling lessons and communication to Africa’s policy
communities such as AUC, AMCOW, CEMA and RECs
• As necessary, mobilize resources for enhancing the
study components, implementation and stakeholder

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