Introduction to the NIMAC for New APH Ex Officio Trustees, May 2012

NIMAC for New EOTs:
Everything You Wanted to Know About
NIMAC but Were Afraid to Ask—
in Ten Minutes!
May 2012
Who are we?
• The NIMAC is the National Instructional
Materials Access Center.
• Created by IDEA 2004, we are a central
repository of electronic source files for
accessible media production.
• Files can be used to produce student-ready
specialized formats, such as Braille, large print,
audio, and DAISY text, for students in K-12 with
qualifying disabilities.
What does the NIMAC do?
• The NIMAC receives and catalogs publishers'
electronic files of print instructional materials in
the NIMAS format.
• We provide the searchable database and user
portals, system documentation and webinar
trainings for users.
• We create user accounts for publishers, State
Coordinators, Authorized Users, and Accessible
Media Producers.
How do we get files?
• State and local education agencies direct
publishers to submit NIMAS files to the NIMAC
by including language to this effect in the
purchase agreements and adoption contracts for
print books.
• NIMAC is not authorized to require files from
publishers, but we are happy to help users
follow up with publishers regarding files users
believe should be in the NIMAC.
What about “legacy” materials?
• Per IDEA 2004, NIMAS was not retroactive.
• Customers could begin requesting NIMAS for
purchases in the summer of 2006.
• Materials already in use at that time are
considered “legacy” because publishers were
not required to convert them into NIMAS.
• We promote Louis as the best place to search
for accessible formats of older materials.
What does “source file” mean?
• NIMAS is intended to be used as the starting
point for conversion into a fully-accessible
format—files are not intended for use “as is” by
students in the classroom.
• The NIMAS specification does not require alt
text for images or image descriptions.
What does “source file” mean?
• The important work of making graphic content
accessible to blind students happens at the point
of conversion into accessible formats.
• Automated conversion into DAISY or other
formats will not include this content.
What does it mean to “coordinate”
with the NIMAC?
• IDEA gives states the option to either work
through the NIMAC to obtain NIMAS source
files, or work directly with publishers.
• States who coordinate agree to ask publishers to
submit files to NIMAC in their new adoption
contracts and purchase agreements.
• Currently all 50 States and also the eligible U.S.
territories have “opted into” the NIMAC.
SC? AU? AMP? Huh?
• Each state that opts into the NIMAC chooses a
NIMAC State Coordinator (SC).
• This person in turn designates Authorized Users
(AUs) for that State.
• Authorized Users can download any file from the
system or assign files for direct download by a
registered Accessible Media Producer (AMP).
• AMP registration is free and open to all who
have the ability to convert NIMAS, but AMPs can
only download files assigned by an AU.
Locating your NIMAC SC
• If you are needing to get plugged into NIMAS in
your state, you can locate you NIMAC State
Coordinator by visiting this web site:
• Or just give us a call or send an email and we’d
be happy to help!
The “National” AMPs
• Since 2009, states have been able to designate
“authorized entities” under Chafee as Authorized
• Many states are centralizing their accessible
materials conversions by working directly with
Bookshare and Learning Ally (RFB&D) as
Authorized Users.
• APH, while considered the third “national AMP”
did not seek AU status and does not serve in
that capacity for any state.
• While housed at APH, NIMAC exists outside of
regular APH operations.
• APH has been a registered AMP with NIMAC
since 2007.
• As of May 2012: 586 NIMAS file sets assigned!
– 266 for braille production
– 320 for large print production
NIMAC Statistics
Jan 2011
*As of 5/7/2012, we have 30,699 files in
the NIMAC.
Jan 2012
Looking Forward
• The NIMAC has now accepted over
30,000 file sets!
• The NIMAC recently received its second
5-year grant from OSEP.
• Math ML is coming!
How to Reach Us
• 502-899-2230
• 1-877-526-4622 (1-877-52-NIMAC)
• [email protected]

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