The Lord’s Prayer
• To explain the
petitions of the Lord’s
• To explain how the
Lord’s prayer can make
us more like Jesus
• To reflect on how
prayer can change
Highlight or underline the
words or phrases in the
prayer that you don’t
understand the meaning of.
Write out 3 of them.
Who art..
Hallowed be
Thy kingdom
Deliver us
The Lord’s Prayer
When the disciples saw
Jesus praying, they also
wanted the close connection
Jesus had with God. So they
asked Jesus to teach them
how to pray.
So Jesus taught them the
“Our Father” prayer . It tells
us the right attitude to have
towards God.
1. Why do you think the
disciples wanted Jesus to
teach them how to pray,
when they saw him
2. Why is the Our Father
prayer an important
prayer to know?
**What sort of attitude does
the Our Father prayer teach
us to have? Think of
something the prayer says.
1. Write out the correct meaning for each line in the Lord’s Prayer.
2. Which line means the most to you, when you pray it? Why?
1a.We are praying to the man who started the human race, who has died and is in heaven.
1b. We focus on God, who is a Father to us, because He made us who we are & cares for us.
2a. God lives in heaven, which is also our true, eternal home.
2b. God is a long way away from us and we cannot reach Him.
3a. We pray God himself will keep His name respected among us.
3b. We should make God special, because otherwise God would just be normal.
4a. We pray God rules in peoples’ hearts so they become good.
4b. We pray that God comes down to earth and takes over governments.
5a. We pray that people will be forced to follow God
5b. We pray that God will help people do what He thinks is best
6a. We ask God to give us what we need to live by, day by day
6b. We pray for God to give us what we want and desire, day by day.
7a. We pray for God to forgive us, even if we don’t forgive others.
7b. We pray for God to forgives us, but only if we agree to forgive others.
8a. We ask God not to be our leader in doing evil.
8b. We ask God not to put us in difficult situations & stand by us in our weakness.
9a. We ask God that evil will not have power over us and rescue us from its grip.
9b. We ask God to destroy evil so that it no longer exists.
1. The “Our Father” prayer can be divided into
3 parts:
• About God
• About Us
• About Evil
Bracket and label
The lines that are about God?
The lines that are about Us & what we
3. The lines that are about Evil?
4. Why do you think the Our Father prayer is in
this order: about God – then Us – then Evil ?
The Pope Explains:
“First, we must know who God is, and
that God comes first. Nothing can
turn out well unless our relationship
to God is right.
So we pray to Our Father first, and
only then about what we need.
Finally, being right with God and with
ourselves, we can pray against evil, to
resist it.”
Pope Benedict XVI
Jesus of Nazareth,
The Our Father talks about God, then about us, then
about evil because...
Write out the Lord’s prayer as pictures,
for someone who can’t read...
Tell your partner one way how
the Our Father prayer is about
each of these
Jesus spoke Aramaic. He taught the Our
Father prayer in Aramaic. This is what it
sounds like.
Abwoon d'bwashmaya - Our Father who art in heaven
Nethqadash shmakh - hallowed be thy name
Teytey malkuthakh – thy kingdom come
Nehwey tzevyanach – thy will be done
aykanna d'bwashmaya aph b'arha. – on earth as heaven
Hawvlan lachma d'sunqanan yaomana. – give us this day..
Washboqlan khaubayn aykana daph – and forgive us …
khnan shbwoqan l'khayyabayn. – as we forgive ..
Wela tahlan l'nesyuna – and lead us not into temptation
Ela patzan min bisha. – but deliver us from evil
Choose one of the prayers in the Lord’s Prayer.
1. Describe in detail a situation where you wish it
would happen.
2. Explain how it could come true (remember God
doesn’t answer prayers in “magical” ways – like in
the story of the Drowning man!)
3. Explain why it is important to ask God’s help in this

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