CHOCOLATE engineer

Unusual job
Lucy from VIII.B
 They
are critical in all phases of making chocolate /
candy (everything from developing products to
delivering them to the stores)
 Chocolate
engineer is very important when is creating a
new type of chocolate
 A new
type of chocolaate is creating by chocolate
engineers from all the major areas of production
 Whenever
a new candy bar is developed, engineers
ask: How can it be kept fresh and wholesome from the
time it is made until you purchase and eat it?
 The taste and texture of a candy bar with separate
layers of nougat, caramel, and chocolate can change
when ingredients in different layers mix with one
 One team of chocolate engineers recently produced
,,Celebrations Chocolates“, 8 varieties of miniature
chocolate bars in a gift box
 Chocolate
engineers make new types of chocolate, but
first of all they desing chocolate candy
 They
have to have a lot of fantasy, creativity and lot of
ideas for new types of chocolate and they have to have
patience too
 A lot
of people can think, that they have a really good
job cause they can eating chocolate all day
I think that it isn´t true because they have a very hard
work and someone who are doing this job may not like
 The
word “chocolate” comes from the Aztec word,
“Xocolatl”, which ironically means “bitter water”
 16th
of december is National Chocolate Day
 The
biggest bar of chocolate ever made was created in
2000 and weighed 2270kg
 Every
Russian and American space voyage has
included chocolate bars

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