Chapter 1 - Getting to Know Photoshop and its Work Area

Intro to Photoshop
Learn what is Photoshop
Identify different Photoshop Work Areas
Understand the use of Bridge and Mini-Bridge
Learn how to open and close files
Select and use Tools in Photoshop
Learn how to expand and collapse Panels
Use Context Menu
Learn how to undo single and multiple actions
Customize Workspace
Photoshop is the industry leader for
graphics editing software for the Web, Print
and other media. It is used by many group
people like web designers, graphics artist,
visual communicators, print designers and
even by regular people.
It is developed by Adobe Systems.
There are three ways, namely:
◦ Via File menu then Open
◦ Via Bridge
◦ Via Mini-Bridge
Use the File menu to open a file:
Click File on the Application bar, then click Open
Click the Look in or From list arrow
Navigate to the location of the file
Click the file, then click Open
Click the Bridge in Application Bar
Adobe Bridge Window
Folders tab
Resizing slider
Click the Mini-Bridge in Application Bar
Bridge files out side the Photoshop window and
access everything in your hard drive. Meanwhile
mini-bridge open files from within your
Photoshop and go right away to your most recent
files opened.
The Photoshop Tools Panel provides the tools to select, edit, manage,
and manipulate image pixels and to draw or add type to images.
◦ Navigation in an image can be done with the Zoom, Hand, or
Rotate View tool.
◦ Selection tools, categorized as the Marquee, Lasso, Magic Wand,
Quick Selection, Move, and Crop tools, select and isolate image
◦ Painting and drawing tools like the Shape, Brush, Pencil, History,
Art History, Color Replacement, Selection, Direct Selection, and
Pen tools allow you to apply brush or shape effects and
manipulate those effects or drawn paths.
◦ Editing and retouching tools make up the bulk of Photoshop’s
tools and help to improve or enhance an image. These techniques
may involve the Healing Brush, Red Eye, Patch, Crop, Slice, Eraser,
Pain Bucket, Gradient, Blur, Smudge, Sharpen, Burn, Dodge,
Sponge, Clone, or Pattern Stamp tools.
◦ Type tools bring text into your images and create type
◦ Measuring tools include the Measure, Count, and 3-D
tools for measuring and viewing your image from
different perspectives.
◦ Color tools, like the Eyedropper and Color Sampler, are
used to sample color on any image to make a new
foreground color by default and provide color
◦ Notes tool allows you to leave electronic notes to
yourself or other members of your team that can be
attached to an image.
On some of the tools,
you will notice a small
triangle at the bottom
right of the tool to
indicate there are more
related tools that will
be displayed when you
select the tool and hold
the mouse down.
The corresponding
keystroke to access
that tool is also
The Application Bar provides a
tabbed interface for choosing
how images will be displayed,
and a Workspaces menu for
retrieving essential information
like basic tutorials, and for
choosing and creating
customized specific media
work space settings, displaying
specific panels for specific
When you select a tool in the
Tools panel, the Tool Options
bar displays options for that
particular tool.
Panels display
many options, and
they help modify
and control
information about
your image. Some
panels provide
representations of
the image to help
with your editing.
◦ Allows you to Zoom In or Magnify your image and Zoom
Out or decrease the size of your image.
Zoom Tool
Shortcut Keys
Zoom In – selected in Options Bar
Zoom Out – selected in Options Bar
Select Zoom Tool
Zoom In or Magnifies
Ctrl +
Minus Sign
Zoom Out or reduces
◦ is a selection tool in Photoshop that allows you to select pixels
or part of your images that you want to manipulate later on
like cut or copy or change its size etc.
Shortcut Keys
Marquee Tool
Types of Marquee Tools
Rectangular – Allows you to select rectangular objects
Elliptical – Allows you to select elliptical or circular objects
Single Row – Allows you to select single row of pixels
Single Column– Allows you to select single column of pixels
Select Marquee Tool
Toggles between
Rectangular or
Elliptical Marquee Tool
Mouse Operations
Shift and
Drag and
Creates perfect circle
or square
Moves ellipse or
rectangle to any place
you want
◦ To undo a single action Ctrl+Z
◦ To undo multiple actions do Alt+Ctrl+Z or use the
History Panel as shown below.
◦ Just like a traditional Brush you could “stroke” in your
canvass or the Photoshop work area in order to create
stroke effect that you want.
Shortcut Keys
Select Brush Tool
Mouse Operations
Context Menu
Right Click
Will show the context
menu given you have
already chosen the
Brush Tool.

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