Bar Mitzvah
A Jewish boy reaches ___________ at
13 years and one day old.
This event is marked by a ceremony
called the ___ ______________
Bar Mitzvah means
“_________________”. This means the
boy now has the ____________ of
following all of the ____.
The ceremony takes place in the
___________ on a __________. The
boy is called by the Rabbi to read from
the ________ during the service using
the ____.
When he has finished reading, all the
men shout out “_______ ____” which
means “congratulations”. The
________ makes a brief speech to
remind everyone of the meaning of
the Bar Mitzvah. After this, the boy
must say the Bar Mitzvah prayer in
Law synagogue Rabbi prayer Yad
responsibility adulthood Bar Mitzvah
Sabbath Torah “Mazel Tov!”
Write out and complete the sentences, using the
words in the box.
Draw a picture of a boy wearing the 3 items of being a
Jewish male, and explain the meaning of these 3
What sort of training do you think the boy must have
received to be able to do the Bar Mitzvah ceremony?
Bat Mitzvah
Spot the difference between a
Bat and a Bar Mitzvah.
• Girls receive their Bat Mitzvah at 12
years old.
• The Bat Mitzvah shows that girls
have reached an important stage in
their maturity
• They read a portion of the Torah in
Hebrew at their Bat Mitzvah
• Several girls can share their Bat
Mitzvah together
• The Bat Mitzvat takes place the day
after the Sabbath
• The girls do not have to wear a tallit,
or tefillin.
Explain the key
differences between
a Bar and a Bat
**Do you think girls
are treated equally
to men in Judaism?
• What stopped Jack from
having his Bar Mitzvah
when he was 13?
Rites of Passage
• Many other cultures also have
their own rites of Passage, to
mark important moments in
your human growth.
– What rites of passage are there in
• Put the tribal rites of passage in
order of most extreme to more
reasonable !

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