Dual Credit 2012–2013 PowerPoint - New Mexico State Department

Dual Credit
New Mexico
An RFI must be submitted to PED
for dual credit instructional material
RFI Due by 5:00 PM
September 30, 2012
Completed RFI Includes
 Dual Credit Master
(if necessary)
 Appendix Updates
 Signed Assurances
 Cover Page
Dual Credit Funding
Funding is available for
all eligible LEAs who submit a
RFI by September 30, 2012.
Eligible LEAs
 Districts (includes District
Charter Schools)
 State Chartered Schools
 State-Supported Institutions
 BIE-Funded High Schools
Allocation I
 Will be awarded to LEAs that complete
RFI based on 11th and 12th grade
enrollment (2011-2012)
 Award will be 85% of the
2012-2013 allocation
 Allocations will be awarded in October
Fiscal Timelines
Allocation I
 Initial BAR must be
submitted by
November 15, 2012
 Claim against BAR by
December 15, 2012
Allocation II
To qualify for Allocation II funding
LEA must do the following:
 Expended and claimed at least
40% of the awarded Allocation I
funds by December 15, 2012
 STARS enrollment data
submitted 40th and 80th day
 STARS dual credit data
submitted 40th and 80th day
Fiscal Timelines
Allocation II
 Submit increase BAR
for Allocation II by
March 1, 2013
 Claim against BAR by
April 15, 2013
Rescinding Allocation
 Lack of submitting BAR for Allocation I by
November 15, 2012
 Lack of submitting claim against
BAR for Allocation I by
December 15, 2012
 Incomplete or non-submission
of STARS dual credit or enrollment data
(40th and 80th day)
Additional Funds
Depends upon availability
To qualify:
1. LEA must meet
compliance requirement
2. STARS dual credit student
enrollment data
for 40th, 80th, and 120th day
Additional Funds
3. Expended and claimed Allocation I
and II in its entirety
4. A request in writing stating
a need for additional
funds prior
to March 15, 2013
RFI Submission
Submit completed RFI to:
[email protected]
Mail original signed assurances to:
Marcia Knight
New Mexico Public Education
300 Don Gaspar
Santa Fe NM 87508
Marcia Knight
[email protected]

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