Understanding Kronos changes with Banner

Understanding Kronos changes with
 Understanding the background
 Organization codes or Labor Levels Sets
 Pay Codes
 Bar Codes
 Viewing your Employee’s
 Accessing Kronos history
 Students with more than one job
 Hyperfinds
 Managing the change
Background information
 The interface, provided by Banner, was preconfigured in a
specific format that could not be changed.
 Our job and accounting structure in Kronos is part of this
 Our Goal was to minimize the changes to the User
community but also take this opportunity to improve
ongoing problems with Kronos
 Wherever possible we kept the same structure as the Legacy
Organization Changes
 Kronos is based on a hierarchy called Labor Levels
 Categories that define an organization’s job and accounting
structure. First level is the broadest and each of the next levels is
more defined.
Time Sheet Org Code
Employee Position
Labor Organization
Former Labor Levels
Banner Labor Levels
 Job Code
 Time Sheet Org code
 Department- Assignment
 Position/Suffix number
 Supervisor
 EClass Code
 Account Number
 Supervisor position/Suffix
Labor Levels Defined
 Time Sheet Organization Code – Organization code that
defines where a person works
 Majority of employees this code equals Org code in Banner
 Those that are different indicates that the person works in a
location different from accounting org their wages are charged.
 Temp events
 Service second jobs
Employee Position & Suffix
 Employees are identified within each Time Sheet Organization
code through their position-suffix number
 Position are unique to a job/FOAPAL combination with specific
characteristics assigned to the position.
 Exceptions are students and temporary positions
 Employee assigned to that position assume the characteristics of that
 Suffix is a two digit number attached to a position that indicates a
secondary earning or job for that employee
EClass Codes
 EClass codes group employees by types of leaves and benefits
the group is eligible to have.
 Vacation, sick, comp time
 Health, Life, Disability & Pension
 In Banner, EClass codes are the foundation codes upon
which the rest of the system is built
 See list of EClass Codes and their description
Supervisor Position-Suffix Number
 Every position has a “reports to” position number as one of
its assigned attributes.
 Used in reporting, creating organization charts and
performance management tools
 Populated on the employee job record when the position is
 Kronos uses the Supervisor-suffix number on the employee
record to identify who is able to view the employees time
Students and the Supervisor Position
 Student position numbers are not unique to the employee
instead they are “pooled” positions
 Student position numbers are a one to many relationship within
each Fund/Org/Account combination depending if the position is
the students primary or secondary job
 Supervisor position number could not be assigned to pooled
positions during conversion.
 In conversion the position number of the person who last signed off
on the student was used to populate this field.
 If incorrect, there is an EPAF created specifically to change the
Supervisor position-suffix number on the employee record
 See the HR website under Banner Help for the link to EPAF’s
Pay codes
 New Pay Codes
 List of pay codes
 Accounting for Leaves of Absence
 Currently Departments track and account for time taken for
Family Leave
 Pay codes have been created for departments to record the
number and type of FML hours
 Use for both Intermittent FML and continuous FML
 Banner will track the FML balance based on the FML time
entered in Kronos
 Non-FML Leave hours have to be accounted for by using the
applicable pay code
 Going forward the former Lost Time will have to be accounted
for either using Leave codes or an absence reason
Bar codes
 The bar code can’t be stored in Banner in a field that can be
updated and used in reporting
 Currently assigned bar codes have been converted into Kronos
 Going forward, for a temporary period of time, departments will
use their existing supply of bar codes
 Complete Kronos Bar Codes Assigned to Employee form and email to [email protected]
Bar Codes – Future State
 Employee’s BSUID will become the bar code number.
 Bar Codes will be created by BSU using a bar code machine
 No update of the bar code will be required by department
 Implementation timeframe for this of this process is TBD.
Viewing Employee’s in Kronos
 Initial number of employees that a supervisor is able to view
might be greater than usual
 Use EPAF for Supervisor Position Number to reduce down
the number if necessary
 Notify Payroll using the Kronos Issue Log if the employees
you can view are incorrect. Complete the form, providing as
much detail as possible and e-mail to [email protected]
Accessing Kronos Legacy
 The legacy instance of Kronos can be accessed via
 This is view only and is available for historical reporting.
 No changes were made to the legacy instance of Kronos so all
reporting will use the old codes and account numbers from
the SCT system.
Students with More Than One Job
 Students who have multiple jobs will have to learn the
position numbers of each job to transfer their hours to the
correct labor account.
 Each FOAPAL has a “pooled” position for regular students and
another position for Work Study students
 A student with jobs in different departments will have a
different position number
 Time clocks have been configured to recognize all the various
combinations of position number/FOAPAL for students – use
key to designate account to charge
 Hyperfinds developed under the legacy instance could not be
copied because of the changes in labor levels and pay codes.
 Payroll will be creating replacement hyperfinds for public use
but departments are encouraged to go ahead and create new
hyperfinds that will help them process their employees time.
 Over the next several days more hyperfinds will be created so
keep checking the list
Managing the Change
 Work in Progress
 Stay calm, don’t panic and don’t panic your employees
 Adjustments will be made to Kronos rules for the next several days. If
something looks wrong and was not entered by your department personnel,
don’t try and change it. Instead complete the Kronos issue Log and email to
Payroll. We will use the information to see if a pay rule needs to be
 Check the Payroll & Benefits website often for updates to documentation or
additional information we have posted on Kronos and other Banner topics.
 Leave balances – The Payroll Staff is continuing to check these balances so
don’t be too concerned if some balances appear incorrect, they will get
 Check the Payroll and HR websites for updates to the information on
Kronos and Banner and any new forms developed. Most forms can be
completed online or printed.

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