The car of tomorrow
By: Rachel Politi & Linda Yang
The Idea
There are dozens of eco-friendly cars and
dozens of luxury vehicles in the market today,
however, Tesla has is the first to combine the
two. Tesla utilizes both the luxury market and
green market in the car market, by providing the
world’s first luxury electric car. It’s eco-friendly
capacities and sharp aesthetics attract many
sectors of the car-buying market. Tesla also
provides the electric powertrain equipment,
such as the Tesla Supercharger Station and
their backup batteries.
What the Experts Are Saying :
“Naturally, Tesla is the icon of this industry. It is not only an awesome electric
car, but is also widely considered the best car ever mass manufactured ( by auto
journalists and gearheads). Its manufacturing was just starting to ramp up, things
were going well for the company, and it looked like 10 years or so of investment
were indeed going to pay off.” - Zachary Shahan Site Director, Blogger at Important
Media. Attended UNC—Chapel Hill
CEO : Elon Musk
Elon Musk is the owner and CEO of Telsa Motors. Prior to Tesla, Musk
invented PayPal, Zip2 and was the CEO/CTO of SpaceX (Space Exploration
Technologies). He has a Physics degree from U-Penn and a business degree
from Wharton.
He created Tesla Motors, because he has always been focused on creating
products that are environmentally friendly while also being cutting edge in
the technological world.
The Product
Models :
Model S- The poster-child of the Tesla Motors Company: premium electric sedan.
The model S’s electric powertrain delivers instantaneous acceleration allowing it to
accelerate to 60 miles per hour in 5.4 seconds (Model S). the combination of a long
wheelbase, stiff structure, and compliant tune of the air-spring suspension makes for
a gentle, cosseting ride. Tesla’s most popular model, Model S, is the world’s first
premium sedan to be engineered from the ground up as an electric vehicle. Model S
was named Motor Trend’s prestigious 2013 Car of the Year, achieved the best safety
score of any car ever tested by the NHTSA, and Consumer Reports is calling it the
best car it has ever tested
Model X:-The high-end/luxury version of an SUV. The design of the model x blends
the functionality and benefits of a minivan and the fuel efficiency of a fully electric
car (Model X). The vehicle’s unique falcon wing doors allow easy accessibility to the
interior while maintaining a sleek design.
In this growing "green" society, more and more people are wanting to cut the
exertion of fossil fuels into the atmosphere by driving fuel efficient cars. Tesla
exceeds the fuel efficient standard by having a powerful electric engine that limits
the amount of energy lost to heat and friction.
Tesla Model X
Tesla Model S
Photo source: Photo
• Nissan Leaf : Tesla is both an electric AND Luxury Car, as where Nissan
Leaf only satisfies those looking for a electric car. Leaf does not offer
heated seats or advanced heating systems for the winter. The Tesla
battery also last much longer. The Tesla is also much larger, so it can
accommodate families and groups of bigger sizes.
• BMW i3 : Tesla is a much more conventional car, as the BMW has been
described as narrow and small. The BMW i3 and Tesla both appeal to the
luxury crowd, and in that case, the Tesla provides far better computer
systems and luxury additions than the BMW i3. The Tesla also provides a
265 mile range, as where the BMW only provides a 180 mile range.
Additionally, the top speed of the BMW is only 93 mph.
The Results : Exponential Rise in Stock
Edgar Online
Financial Stats :
PE Ratio : 51. 66
Earnings this quarter : 45.9 Million
Volume : growing from 1,800,000
3x higher previous quarter
Current Stock Price : 197.00
Revenue jumped 26%
Estimated that stock will rise to : 227.42
Recent Statistical Analysis
• Some highlights according to
• Growth in the company's revenue appears to have
helped boost the earnings per share by 108%
• “The debt-to-equity ratio is somewhat low,
currently at 0.91, and is less than that of the
industry average, implying that there has been a
relatively successful effort in the management of
debt levels. Along with the favorable debt-to-equity
ratio, the company maintains an adequate quick
ratio of 1.33, which illustrates the ability to avoid
short-term cash problems.”(thestreet)
• The company's current return on equity (net
income) greatly increased when compared to its
ROE (return on Equity)from the same quarter one
year prior. This is a signal of significant strength
within the corporation.
Built in the USA : California
You should invest in Tesla
1) The company is a smart, well founded, and strongly lead enterprise that
sells innovative and cutting edge products that will always be popular
2) The company knows how to capitalize off modern trends, because their
staff and leadership are among the smartest entrepreneurs in the world
3) While, their stock is not at bargain price, due to their growing success
and conventionality, we believe their success has much more room to
grow as they are creating new products that appeal to a greater mass,
and as their popularity grows, their price will most likely fall, which
allows more people to be able to afford their company.
Similarly, as their number of
charging stations increases, there
will be fewer obstacles drivers of
this new car will have to
Future Landscape of Success
Over the past
several years, there
has been a search
for alternative fuel
and greener forms
of transportation.
We feel that Tesla
has utilized this
market to its full
potential, as they
are the only car on
the market of its
type (fully electric
The Future
Tesla looks to expand their number of models
to vehicles such as the first every electric
pick-up truck.
In future years, Tesla is planning on
building a large scale factory that will
provide battery cells for its vehicles.
The factory will allow them to achieve
economies of scale and minimize costs
through innovative manufacturing and
optimizing production process. The
new factory (The Gigafactory) will be
designed to produce lithium ion
batters faster which in result, reduce
cell cost for its future electric
vehicles. Tesla is a growing factory
and will build an even larger consumer
group once the Gigafactories are built
They also look to increase the number of their Supercharger
stations nationwide.
END OF 2014
END OF 2015
What We Think
In this growing "green" society, more and more people are wanting to cut the
exertion of fossil fuels into the atmosphere by driving fuel efficient cars. Tesla
exceeds the fuel efficient standard by having a powerful electric engine that limits
the amount of energy lost to heat and friction. In the car industry, Tesla vehicles
are the only cars that are completely electric. Because of this, there are no car
companies that can compete with the fully electric range of Tesla vehicles. There is
a growing demand for fuel efficient technology and the tesla is at the forefront.
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