Approaches to talent management

Approaches to Talent
Management - Electrolux
• You will come into contact
with many different aspects
of our talent management –
from coaching, feedback,
appraisal talks and talent
reviews to mobility and
training programs.
Approaches to Talent Management Electrolux
Leadership development is a process, which focuses on
taking Electrolux forward and improving the overall
business results through accelerated development of the
leadership capabilities of our managers.
• The Electrolux Leader - is the first stepping-stone of the
company’s leadership programs. Leadership is more about
dialogue and coaching than about assigning tasks and
demonstrating authority. It centers on a common approach
to leadership and people management.
• International Leader - is designed to enhance leadership
skills to equip managers with several years of experience to
effectively lead people into action and reinforce a onecompany culture “Our Electrolux”.
Approaches to Talent Management Electrolux
• Next Level Leader - This program for managers
reporting directly to senior management in the
organization is created to build on existing
leadership skills, helping to effectively implement
Group strategy through improved leadership.
• The Executive - is designed as an integrated learning
journey of senior managers and top leaders to
prepare them to manage and lead present and
future changes in the Group.
Approaches to Talent Management –
Trelleborg AB
• There is good reasoning behind our creation of the term
“Trelleborg. Where talents grow.”
• Within Trelleborg, the development of the employees is a
core aspect of operations.
• We encourage internal mobility in the Group and hundreds of
vacancies are published on our intranet each year.
• This provides employees greater opportunities for promotion,
broadened experience and new, attractive challenges.
Approaches to Talent Management –
Trelleborg AB
• Leadership through mentoring
– In 2009, Trelleborg started a new program where selected
employees, supported by mentors, will be given the
opportunity to develop their leadership.
– Each participant (mentee) gets a mentor from another
business area to gain insights and knowledge. This will build
cross-organizational experience and ability to take on future
– Another aim of the program is to create a network between
the participants including their mentors.
– The first program had a focus on development of women
leaders, whereas the second program, focused on leaders in
emerging markets.
Approaches to Talent Management BMW
• Goal-oriented promotion. The BMW Group
actively helps its employees qualify for
carrying out more significant and international
For this reason interviews are regularly arranged
with superiors to discuss career objectives and the
development measures that are suited to them.
Approaches to Talent Management GKN
• Developing your Career at GKN - We provide a framework to achieve
consistency to individual development through which everyone
progresses during their career in GKN.
• There are assessment centres at each of the three key transition
stages so that everyone is given a fair opportunity to progress.
• The personal development process forms a part of this and includes
career planning as part of the discussion that all employees are
expected to have with their managers.
• Training is provided at all levels of the organisation in order to ensure
that people are helped and accelerated into new roles with the
proper preparation to ensure that they succeed in their career.
• These discussions feed into the Organisation Planning Process, which
matches individuals’ capabilities and aspirations with the company’s
talent requirements.
Approaches to Talent Management GKN
Approaches to Talent Management Otokumpu
• Stainless Pro International Graduate Programme is a two-year programme that acquaints you with
Outokumpu's business operations.
• During the programme you’ll develop your
competences and gain valuable experience by
working with demanding assignments in different
locations around the world.
• Intense hands-on work and networking with our
global team are key elements of the programme.

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