12 week bod`e challenge presentation

12 week
12 week bod’e challenge
The Vemma Formula
Vemma focuses on health & wellness and have
developed an innovative and unique base formula for
all of their products. It is quite possibly the most
powerful liquid antioxidant.
Vemma is an acronym for:
Aloe Vera
The Vemma formula has been clinically studied twice
12 week bod’e challenge
How good is the Vemma formula?
Each 2oz of vemma contains an ORAC value of 4201
12 week bod’e challenge
The Vemma product line
The product Line includes:
• Vemma (original formula)
• Vemma premium (European specific)
• Bod'e (weight loss & maintenance)
• Thirst (hydration)
• Next (children supplement 2 - 12 years)
• Verve (healthy energy drink)
12 week bod’e challenge
Benefits of Vemma
Maintain eye health
Strengthening teeth and bones
Strengthening hair and nails
Improve glow and health of your skin
Improve digestion
Improve your Immune system
Reduces tiredness and fatigue
Normal red blood cell formation
Hormone regulation
Weight loss
Muscle growth
And much more …………….
Fill your Nutritional gaps
12 week bod’e challenge
Vemma can also help with many conditions
Arthritis (Anti-inflammatory)
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Diabetes (stabilises blood sugar levels)
High triglyceride levels
Sleeping disorders
Many others
Do your prescribed drugs actually improve your condition?
Feel better with improved nutrition &
give your body what it needs!
12 week bod’e challenge
Try the 12 week Bod’e challenge for ultimate weight loss
Purchase a bod’e product!
Endorsed by Chris & Heidi Powell!
As part of your Bodē transformation, you will receive:
• The online Bodē Trainer, customized to help support and track
your progress which includes a daily video tip from Chris and
Heidi Powell, Photo upload
• The award winning Bodē trainer app
• The Bodē Transformation nutrition plan with an array of
delicious recipe options & grocery lists
12 week bod’e challenge
Take part in the challenge and win prizes from Holidays,
weekend getaways and cash prizes!
12 week bod’e challenge
Receive additional benefits from a REPS L3 personal trainer:
free health & wellness consultation
regular progression consultations
Excellent support & advice
FREE exercise classes
excellent Results
As little as £20 a week, that’s less than £3 a day!
12 week bod’e challenge
12 week bod’e challenge
If you have a medical condition I would always advise
that you consult with your doctor and before beginning
the 12 week bod’e challenge would suggest coming to my
health & wellness consultation events and/or get some
blood tests before and after 3 months of continual use of
this product. You will be amazed at the results.
100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with
the product!
Contact mark on 07720872239
12 week bod’e challenge
Do you have a passion to help improve others lives?
Would you like to receive your product for free?
Would you like to earn an extra income on a part time
Become a Vemma affiliate!
Receive comprehensive training
Consume Vemma products yourself
Share the products with friends and family
Educate others upon the free business plan
that won Vemma an award for innovation
• Help others get healthy
• Help others make money
Earn a RESIDUAL income!
12 week bod’e challenge
Benefits of the compensations plan!
• Create a career by working for yourself
• It’s a binary compensation plan
• Get a company paid for BMW, Mercedes or Audi
• Earn an uncapped RESIDUAL income
Anything ranging from £100 – £100K + a month
• Create time freedom and retire early
12 week bod’e challenge
Company & product credibility!
• Founded in 2004
• Currently within a network marketing sweet spot with
company sales of under £500 million.
• 2012 – 2013 saw 89% growth from $117m - $221m
• On track for $450m for 2014
• Distributed in over 60 Countries Worldwide
Vemma has been clinically studied four times
Vemma is cologne tested, banned substance tested for athletes
Vemma bod’e is endorsed by Chris and Heidi Powell
• Vemma is DSA and FTC approved
• Vemma is currently ranked 53 in the DSN global 100
12 week bod’e challenge
Make a Bigger Difference
Perfect for anyone within the health and fitness industry especially
personal trainers
• 80% Nutrition | 20% Exercise
• Influence your clients more than 1-4 hours per week
• Help people that won’t go to the gym
Perfect for anyone within the Hair & Beauty industry
Recommend your clients to complete their beauty regime with
vemma bod’e and free exercise classses!
Make More Money & Have More Freedom
Double or triple your income instantly
Earn money even when your on holiday
Access an International Business
Earn Money while you sleep
12 week bod’e challenge
Contact Information
Mark Goodman: 07720872239
Instagram: goodmanspt
Vemma facebook groups:
The Vemma customer network
The 12 week bod’e challenge

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