Government Polytechnic, Kolhapur

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Dr. S.S.Mantha,Chairman, AICTE
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Mr. Dilip Chinoy
Principals and Coordinators of Community
Government Polytechnic, Kolhapur
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Importance of Kolhapur
•It Is one of the oldest cities in the country situated in the extreme
southern part of Maharashtra state.
• Great commercial, religious and educational centre.
•There are 3 MIDC Industrial areas and 7 Cooperative industrial areas
in Kolhapur .Majority of them are small and medium scale
enterprises .
•Significant contribution to country’s GDP, manufacturing output,
exports and employment generation
•More than 90% of the industries in Kolhapur District are
manufacturing industries . These manufacturing industries include
mainly foundries, and textiles. Sugar and diary industries run under
cooperative sector.
•The availability of skilled, qualified and experienced human
resource was found to be very scarce.
• Less awareness was found in employees regarding a Human
Resource Department and its scientifically written policies and
practices as a system
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Government Polytechnic, Kolhapur
It was established in 1961 with Civil Engineering and
Mechanical Engineering Diploma Programmes .At present,
the Institute offers Diploma programmes in Civil
Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering,
Industrial Electronics, Sugar Manufacturing, Information
Telecommunication with total Intake of 780 students.
• Government Polytechnic, Kolhapur was the first institute in
Maharashtra to whom Academic autonomy was granted in
1992 under World Bank Assisted Project with the features of
effective curriculum design, examination system and award
of Diploma.
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
An Industry –Institute
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Community College
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Scenario of Indian Metal Industry
 Majority of the metal industry has been shifted to
southern hemisphere of the globe. Presently, China
and India are the two important Asian countries
who are playing important role .
 India is one of the top 5 countries in the production
of steel .
 India stands 2nd in the world for production of
 Stands 2nd in the world for production of forgings.
Strong and growing domestic market.
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Human Resource in Metallurgical
• Maharashtra is major state
housing all types of
Metallurgical Industries starting from Mining, Metal
Processing to the secondary alloy making.
• Most of the people employed in the Metallurgical industries
of Maharashtra such as Foundries, Forging shops, Steel
plants are not formally qualified in Metallurgy.
• Educational institutes are not offering Programmes in
Metallurgical Engineering according to the requirement in
the job market, hence there is perennial shortage of
Metallurgists in India.
• Our state Maharashtra produces only 200 diplomas and 160
bachelors in Metallurgical Engineering. Out of this number
very few pursue career in Metallurgical industry.
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Kolhapur Foundry Cluster
• Kolhapur Foundry cluster in houses more than 350
• Kolhapur Foundry Cluster produces quality castings
which are supplied to most of the automobile
industries of India as well as there is large quantity
of export. Automobile Industries has stringent
quality requirements for castings. Kolhapur Foundry
Cluster has been successful in continuous
improvement in quality of castings.
• There are more than 1,50000 people working
directly and indirectly in foundries. Majority of
them are not formally qualified.
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Partnership between the Indian Institute of
Foundry men and Government Polytechnic,
Kolhapur since year 2006
 IIF, Kop. and Govt. Poly., Kop. have been working together
in design, development and conduction of various
educational programmes in the field of Foundry Technology
for last 8 years.
 IIF, Kop has provided teaching faculty to these programmes,
arranged donations and equipments to set up the
laboratories .
 IIF, Kolhapur with its own initiative has been instrumental
in setting up Metallurgy department in Government
Polytechnic, Kolhapur.
 More than 300 students have passed out one year
Certificate Course in Foundry Technology and 120 students
have passed out Diploma In Metallurgy.
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Inauguration of Community College by
Hon. Higher and Technical Education
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Community College
(Metallurgy Sector)
To create a collaborative environment for
developing, adopting & disseminating
world class technologies in the field of
Metallurgical Engineering to help the
Metal Industry in India become globally
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Programmes offered since year 2013-14
Sr. No.
Name of the Programme
Total Intake
Diploma in Foundry Technology
1 Year
(2 semesters)
Diploma in Casting
Development and Quality
1 Year
(2 semesters)
Pre -Diploma in Foundry
Development and QA
1 Year
(2 semesters)
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
MoU signed
Skill Knowledge providers
 Ghatge Patil Industries Ltd., Kolhapur
 Sound Castings Pvt. Ltd.,Kolhapur
 Mantri Metallics Pvt. Ltd., Kolhapur
Other agencies involved in effective conduction of
the community college scheme
 The Institute of Indian Foundry men, Kolhapur
 eFoundry Cell, The Indian Institute of
Technology, Mumbai
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Formation of Governing Council
and Expert Committee
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Curriculum Development
• Since it is our initiative to conduct community colleges
programmes in Metallurgy Sector, AICTE has appointed our
institute as a coordinator for developing curriculum in
following specializations:
1. Degree in Vocational (Iron and Steel Making)
2. Degree in Vocational (Welding Technology)
3. Degree in Vocational (Non Ferrous Technology)
4. Degree in Vocational (Foundry Technology)
5. Degree in Vocational (Casting Development and QA)
6. Degree in Vocational (Heat treatment Technology)
Experts form Industry ands Academic constitute these
curriculum committees
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Expert Lectures By Roman Sitte,
BMW, Germany and Prof B. Ravi,
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Setting up Simulation and Casting
layout inspection lab
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Proposed programmes to be launched in
Metallurgical Engineering sector under NSQF
framework from coming year 2015-16
Maharashtra Government has given approval for the
foundation of Dhatu Tantra Prabodhini.
Dhatu Tantra Prabodhini consists of Community College in
Metallurgy & Centre of Excellence in Foundry technology
 Year 2015-16
1. Diploma in Vocational(Iron and Steel Making)
2. Diploma in Vocational(Welding Technology)
 Year 2016-17
1. Diploma in Vocational(Non Ferrous Technology)
2. Diploma in Vocational(Recycling of Metals)
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Education, training and Research in Metallurgical
Testing and Consultancy
Setting up NABL accredited laboratories
Consultancy by the Qualified Experts
Foundry text and reference books
Foundry Magazines and journals
Technical Papers
Video Films and CDs
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
• Programmes run under Community College are purely
skill based. The Indian Metal Industry is facing perennial
shortage of the skilled manpower.
• The programmes designed under Community College
are based on the real time requirements of the industry.
• Most of the candidates taking admission to the
Community College programmes are either working or
sponsored by the industry.
• All above existing facts assure 100% placement of the
students completing Community College programmes
in Metallurgy Sector.
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Centre of Excellence in
Foundry Technology
(Dhatu Tantra Prabodhini)
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Library Resources – Books and Papers
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Casting Simulation: Insight, Hindsight,
Cooling curves
Solidification Rate
Mold filling
Hard zones
Air entrapment
Computer simulation of
Liquid fraction
mold filling & casting solidification
using indigenous software developed by
3D Foundry Tech with IIT Bombay & CSIR Trivandrum
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Industry-oriented Casting R&D
Flow and solidification in
multiple gating channels
Limiting thickness
(Zinc, Aluminium)
Cooling curves and
Dimensional studies
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD
Thank You!
Govt. Poly./Comm Colg/MHRD

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