Cycling Quiz

Cycling Assembly
So you think you
about bikes?
At one time, horses were our primary
means of independent travel for longer
1820’s ‘Draisine’
Can you see why it was called a ‘running machine’?
What is different about this and the bicycle we know
What’s missing?
It’s got no pedals!
1860’s ‘Boneshakers’
Why were these bikes
called Boneshakers?
It had very hard metal
wheels, which meant it
was a very bumpy ride.
The rider felt like he
might be shook to
1870’s Penny Farthings
1880’s ‘Safety Bicycles’
Bicycle in
Plymouth at the
start of the 20th
Only two wheels?
1870’s - multiple wheel bikes
A smartly dressed couple
seated on an 1886 Coventry
Rotary Quadracycle for two
Starley's "Royal Salvo"
tricycle, as owned by Queen
Only two wheels?
Tricycle –
with three
Special multiseat bikes with 7
seats and three
Only one seat?
Tours around
London take
place on this 4
multiple seat
‘cycle bus’
2011 model Quadrocycle with four seats
10 seater
Only sitting up straight?
Recumbent cycles
What do we use cycles for today
Leisure / competitions
Racing bikes
Leisure / fun
BMX bikes
Leisure / competitions
Mountain bikes
Woman in Oxford
going to work by
People in London on their way to work
Delivery Bikes?
1930’s delivery bicycle
Butchers, tea sellers and tradesmen used
to use bikes to deliver goods and services
Modern day cycle couriers
Bicycle courier in London
Cycle courier in Cambridge
Cycle rickshaw in
Shenyang, China
Modern cycle rickshaw
in Beijing
Tricycle rickshaw carrying
cargo in Agra, India
Cycling Quiz
Question 1:
How many bikes can you park in one car
parking space?
Not only do bikes take up
a) 3 bikes
less space when they are
b) 6 bikes
parked, they take up less
c) 10 bikes
space on the road helping
Answer: C – 10 bikes
to reduce the number of
traffic jams that occur!
Cycling quiz
Question 2:
Cycling 4 miles daily reduces the risk of heart
diseases by 50%
a) True
30 minutes cycling can
b) False
also burn 150 calories –
helping you stay at a
Answer: A True
healthy weight
Cycling quiz
Question 3:
Walking exercises the heart better than cycling
a) True
Cycling exercises the heart
b) False
better than walking, and is also
kinder to your joints.
Answer: B - False
Knees and Ankles often get
damaged over the long term
from lots of jogging or running.
Cycling quiz
Question 4: Travelling by bike reduces pollution
that causes problems for people with asthma
and bronchitis
a) True
Cycling is pollution
b) False
Bikes don’t produce
Answer: A -True
Cycling quiz
Question 5: People who cycle regularly are
generally unhappy
a) True
As well as keeping you fit
b) False
Answer: B - False
and healthy cycling helps to
reduce stress, improves
mental powers, and gives a
positive attitude making you
feel happier
Big Bikers Breakfast
• We want to
encourage more
people to cycle!
• To help do this we’re going to hold a Bikers
• We want as many people to cycle to school as
possible on ……DATE….
Big Bikers Breakfast
• All cyclists will get a
free healthy breakfast
and be able to take part
in a quiz and a mapping
• We need your help to
promote the event to your parents/ carers
• We’re going to put up posters that parents and
teachers can see, and you can take a leaflet home to
let everyone in your house know what we’re doing

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