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Pre-departure Orientation
Co-op Interns
Presented by
Cathy Stein
International Employment
Culture Shock
• Shut off cell phones, set to vibrate
• Avoid any talking please
• Take notes as there is a lot of
information that will be shared
J-1 Visa rules
Important Documents
Entering the U.S.
Social Security Cards
Bank Accounts
Payroll forms
J1 Exchange Visitor Program
Who is your Program Sponsor?
• Distinction between “work” and “training”
– “I am an intern going to the U.S. to train on a J-1 visa.”
• Duties and activities should follow Training Plan
• Only train until the end date on DS-2019
• extend your internship- is possible in some cases
• 30-day grace period before and after internship
• No travelling outside US during 30 day period
J1 Exchange Visitor Program
No changing companies or working at other companies
Two-year Residency Rule 212(e) (international students)
Maximum duration of 8 months (Waterloo co-op interns)
Number of internships not limited
Entering the United States;
Important Documents
Form DS-2019
Show at the
Keep for life
cost is charged
Visa Stamp
SEVIS Receipt
• Student and
Exchange Visitor
Information System
– Generates Form
– Tracks visa
• Need to pay for prior
to Consulate
Interview and/or
arrival in the U.S.
Electronic I-94: Entering by
• Your entry is automatically recorded and you will
not receive a card
• Upon arrival in the U.S. retrieve your arrival
record online:
• Download, save and print!
Electronic I-94: Flying
I-94 Card: Driving
Record of arrival and
departure to and from the U.S.
• Obtained at the port of entry
• Fill it out using your full legal
Other Important Documents
• Proof of funds $3,000
• bank statement, credit card statement, support
• Signed Training Plan
• Offer letter from employer
• Address of where you will be staying
• Résumé
Before you leave Canada
Gather and scan all documentation
Email it to yourself and emergency contact
Clean out wallets and purses
Arrange travel only if you have your
• Confirm housing appointments
• Connect with other students going to same
Arrival in the United States
Immediate Arrival Checklist
• Check your documentation to ensure you have
entered the U.S. correctly
• Email us with your US mailing address:
[email protected]
within 24 hours of arriving
• Update Cathy immediately if your address,
phone, or e-mail changes
• Register with the Canadian consulate
Connect with other Waterloo students
Off campus housing hot housing leads
Look online and university bulletin boards
Ask a lot of questions
Read everything carefully before signing
Use Google Earth
Resell furniture & household supplies
Find an American roommate!
Social Security Number
Applying for a card:
• Wait 10 days after entering U.S. before applying
• Make sure your visa sponsor has validated your visa with SEVIS
• Bring DS-2019 form/Visa stamp, passport application form, and offer to
nearest SSA office
• Get a receipt for your application
• Card should say “Valid for Work Only with DHS Authorization”
• Have your name on your residence's mailbox to ensure SSN card delivery
by the U.S. Postal Service
• Social Security number is valid for life; do not apply for a new number if one
has already been issued to you
• Social Security website:
Bank Accounts
– Bring passport, Social Security card and proof of address
Ask about
– Student accounts
– Monthly Fees and Minimum Balance
– Time for deposited funds to clear
– Bank hours
– Bring home your money
Tax Deduction Form
• May have filled in this form for your employer already
• W-4 lets you decide when to pay taxes
• Take a total of 0 or 1 allowances
Tax Deduction Form
Source: Life After School. Explained. Cap & Compass, LLC
Driving in the US
• Never drive a car without insurance!
• Check your insurance companies here to
see if you are covered there
• Read through your policy carefully
• Check your state’s laws!
• Many states will require U.S. license after
3 months
• Intercultural
• Workplace
• Traveling
• Health Insurance
• U.S. Laws
• U.S. Taxes
• Risk management and
personal safety
• Your responsibilities
• Culture shock
• Evaluations
Your Intercultural
While you’re there
The first few weeks are the most difficult.
Do not be disappointed if you’re not
involved with the most challenging projects
in the beginning.
Ask your supervisor about reporting sick
days as well as other office rules.
Establish comfortable routine.
Stay informed on global and security
Getting Involved
• Join a sports or community club
• Company group activities or discounts to
cultural institutions and events
• Volunteer
Traveling Abroad Signature
• Refers to outside of
Canada and Mexico
Email Cathy dates of
travel and destination
Always travel with
your Passport, I-94,
DS-2019 and health
insurance card
Non-Canadians must
have a multiple entry
Health Insurance
UW Health and Dental
– Know what you are covered for
– Travel Card in wallet at all times
– Know how to use the plan in case of an
– OHIP extension- 8 month and returners
– for more details
SunLife Health Coverage
– Travel card at the bottom, fill it in
– Member ID #- is your student ID
– Call 1-800 number first and they
will tell you where the nearest
doctor, hospital or clinic is to where
you are living in the US
– 8 month work term?? –extend your
OHIP coverage
US Tax Forms
U.S. Taxes
– Only subject to income taxes
• federal, state and local
• Do not pay Social Security, Medicare, and
Unemployment taxes
• Your responsibility to make sure these are
not withheld from your pay check
U.S. Tax Forms
• Paid internships
– Federal Form 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ
– State Tax Form
– Federal Form 8843
• Unpaid internships
– Federal Form 8843
W-2 Form
• Summary of earnings
and taxes withheld
• U.S. company will mail
by February 15
• Make sure they have
your address for this
Filing Taxes
Internal Revenue Service
Publication 519 U.S. Tax Guide for Aliens
Publication 515, Tax guide for employer
File early. Deadline is April 15th. You will be
penalized for filing late!
• Alumus in our website can assist you as
U.S. Laws
Drinking age is 21
No drunk driving
Open container law
No drugs
No hitch-hiking
Open container laws
Restricted smoking
If you are not sure, go
online or ask!
Emergency Protocol Plan
• Risk Management form
» All submitted prior to this session
» Emergency contact listed
• Arrival Notice submissions
» how we can reach you in an emergency
» How we will be in touch- phone first, then email
» Tweets to check your email
• Police Services
» 519-888-4911
» [email protected]
» Available for you 24 hours a day
Arrival Notice
• What it should look like
• Need a copy of your DS2019 form/EA/H3
Naveed thought he
would take the shortcut
back to residence.
Some facts…
• Travel in groups, safety vans, taxis, etc.
• Be aware of your surroundings
• If you don’t this at home, don’t do it abroad
Michelle thought she
knew the way to the
Keep in mind…
• Avoid being an obvious target for theft, violence and
unsolicited attention.
Richard was having a great
time in Germany, especially
after meeting Heidi. They
slept together once.
Make good decisions regarding sexual encounters
Be wise about risky sexual situations
Don’t leave your drink unattended
If at all possible, stay with a “buddy” when at a bar
Say “NO” to ANY unwanted touch or sexual advancement
• Student
– Pre-departure meetings, documentation, health insurance
coverage, travel arrangements, housing, risk management,
personal security, emergency notification
• Employer
– Financial compensation, arrival orientation, job supervision,
mentoring, professional development, evaluation, (assist with
• University
– Visa and process advice, pre-departure meetings, student
connections, work term and travel advisory monitoring,
emergency response, employer assessment
• Visa sponsor
– Pre-departure meetings, visa documents, health insurance,
reports and evaluations, SEVIS tracking
Work term report for CECA
Performance online – find out
Reminder for PD courses?
Performance Evaluation for CECA
Returning to Canada
• Bring your CECA employer evaluation
• Leave permanent address with your
employer for tax information
Photo Contest
We need photographs and lots of them! Here is where you come in!
While on your work term capture:
Scenery outside your apartment or around the city
You at your place of employment
Places you have visited and /or toured while on the work term
A nice sunset, or the view of the rocky mountains
A group shot of all the UW co-ops working at your location
The city centre, local attractions or famous sites

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