Communication Strategies of Three Top Rehabilitation Hospitals in

Communication Strategies of Three Top
Rehabilitation Hospitals in the US
A Comparison of the Online Media Presence of Spaulding
Rehabilitation Hospital, Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation,
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Jacob Silberstein
HCOM 512 – Summer 2014
Spaulding Rehabilitation Center
• Mission
▫ “Deliver compassionate care across the continuum
to improve quality of life”
• Target Audience
▫ Persons recovering from or learning to live fully
with illness, injury and disability.
Spaulding SWOT Analysis
• Site is easy to navigate
• Color scheme is calm and pleasing
• Site is very comprehensive in the
range of topics that it covers
• Sections are clearly divided
• National recognition allows for
referral portal for outside
• Each physical location has its own
separate page
• Twitter posts not optimized for
sharing – ie no hashtags
• Sheer amount of information could
be overwhelming to users
• Facebook publicizes events and
news coverage but little in the way
of community building – doesn’t
sharing postings from patients and
their families
• Build social profile – ie greater
utilization of Facebook and Twitter
• Could capitalize on beauty of new
location and feature the facility
beyond the photo tour
• While comprehensive, site is not
very inviting
Recommendations for Spaulding Rehab
Low Resource
Resource Intensive
• Build up twitter presence
• Build up Google+ presence –
basically non-existent currently
• Create a space for an online
patient community
• Share/promote positive posts
from “users” on Facebook page
• Promote the “human side” of
treatment – highlight team
members making a difference
• Redesign mobile version of
• Produce videos for YouTube
channel on a regular basis
• Offer versions of website
translated into other languages
Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation
• Mission
▫ “Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation, Inc. provides comprehensive
physical medicine and rehabilitation programs and services to optimize
the health, function and quality of life for those we serve. We enhance the
delivery of care and advance the field of rehabilitation through
education, research and advocacy. We do so in a clinically effective and
fiscally responsible manner.”
Kessler SWOT Analysis
Sharing stories of patients allows others
to see how Kessler can help them
Website is comprehensive and easy to
use; clearly outlines types of rehab
programs offered
Offers listing of support groups so
general public can take advantage of
Clearly outlines what services are
offered at each location along with the
personnel at that specific site
Patients and their families/support
systems are eager to receive information
Named a Nationally Ranked Hospital by
US News & World Report
Could make website more dynamic
Website is boring
Lack of specific YouTube page
Twitter posts share links but are not
optimized to be shared; low number of
Competitors may copy the
comprehensive nature and
organizational structure or website
Recommendations for Kessler Institute
Low Resource
Resource Intensive
• Strengthen Twitter and Facebook
• Create official YouTube profile
• Offer versions of website in other
• Optimize for mobile viewing
Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
• Mission
▫ “The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
(RIC) is dedicated to providing the highestquality patient care through integrated
research, scientific discovery, and education
for the purpose of maximizing the recovery
of the individuals in our care.”
• Vision
▫ “To Advance Human Ability. RIC will
serve as the world’s leading scientific
hospital for the innovation and
application of new and more promising
treatments that improve and eliminate the
effects of injury, disease and debilitating
health condition”
New location under construction
Rehab Institute SWOT Analysis
• Landing page is separate by
audience: patients, professionals,
• Separate patient portal log-in
• Website is available in nine other
languages besides English
• Strong Facebook presence
• Color scheme and overall design are
boring and do not encourage
staying on the site
• Do not do a good job of promoting
or highlighting all of their services
• Twitter postings are spotty and
• New hospital facility under
• Other organizations can capitalize
on audience by being more patient
centered in communications
Recommendations for Rehab Institute
Low Resource
Resource Intensive
• Emphasize care for needs of patient • Create a mobile app version of
online patient portal
• Promote ranking as #1 Rehab
Hospital in American since 1991
• Increase Twitter posts
Comparison of Organizational Strategies
Spaulding Rehab
Kessler Institute
Treatments, Locations,
Patient Info, Physician
Finder, Research & Clinical
Trials, Education & Training,
Company Info, Patient Center,
Admissions, Programs,
Research & Education,
Careers, Locations
About RIC, Who We Treat,
Services, Research, Support
RIC, Careers, Referrals, New
Potential and current
patients and their families,
job seekers, healthcare
Patients and their families,
researchers, job seekers
Potential patients, their
families, health care
professionals, researchers,
Facebook, Twitter, Google+,
LinkedIn, YouTube
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter,
YouTube, Google+
Informational, easy to
navigate to important
information, prestigious
Comprehensive yet boring,
Educational, comprehensive,
Rehab Institute of Chicago

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