Mail at Cornell - Cornell University

US Postal Service, Private Carriers,
and Campus Mail
US Postal Service
• Regular US Mail & Packages
• Priority and Express Mail &
Private Carriers
• UPS Envelopes and Packages
• FedEx Envelopes and
• DHL -uses the USPS for US
Cornell Campus Mail
• Campus Mail & Meter Mail
• US Nixie Mail - 1st class US mail
with undeliverable Cornell
addresses. They are looked up by
CMS staff and distributed with
Campus Mail
• The US Postal Service – Delivers & Picks Up every business day except postal
holidays at designated campus building mail stops.
*They Maintain Campus Blue Boxes at Posted Times.
• Private Carriers UPS & Fed Ex – Pick Up per their customers requests at campus
mailrooms and offices. Drop off per building requirements.
*They Maintain their Drop Boxes at Posted Times.
• Campus Mail Service – Delivers & Picks Up unstamped mail (internal and meter
mail) every business day at designated building mail stops.
• Not all Campus buildings receive mail directly, some share mailrooms with
adjacent buildings.
US and Campus Mail is delivered unsorted to buildings.
The wait time between mail delivery and distribution will vary depending on
the daily mail volume and mailroom staffing situation.
Mail sorting and distribution in buildings is not standard across campus.
Processes can be unique to a building’s staff, set up, and security
Not all Buildings/Departments have dedicated mailroom staff and instead
rely on their regular staff’s availability to process mail.
Most Campus buildings do not have a secured mail area, check your
mailbox/slot regularly.
Uris Hall, 1 TOWER RD
ILR Research Building/ Outside
Humphrey Service Building/Outside
Phillips Hall/Outside
156 Day Hall/Inside
Sage Hall/Outside
McGraw Hall-central Ave/Inside
Rhodes Hall-hoy Rd./Outside
*Website links:
Moving If you leave Cornell, or move to another Campus location, notify your old Mailroom of your new/forwarding
address. Mail at Cornell is not received at a central location and the carriers deliver mail to the addressed
building. US and Campus Mail is sorted only to the building level, mail can only be forwarded after it’s been
sorted to the individual level.
 To avoid delivery delays update your address with vendors, subscriptions, and other regular correspondence
 If you are on any Cornell mailing lists such as HR Benefits, Faculty, Registrar’s, Alumni Affairs, please update
your address in Workday, the Electronic Directory, and contact the appropriate departments.
Mail that is Delivered or Sent to the wrong Building  US Mail that is determined to have an undeliverable address by the Post Office is called ‘Nixie Mail’. CMS
picks up Cornell’s nixie mail from the Post Office every business day and processes it for campus delivery. If
the addressee can not be determined the mail is Returned to Sender.
 Campus Mail only forwards first class US Mail, we do not generally transport private carrier mail.
 UPS and FedEx deliveries should be returned to the carrier driver for forwarding when they stop in again.
 Any packages requiring a signature are the responsibility of the signer and should be recorded in a manifest
or other accountable method.
Campus Mail is the official university mail service - Outgoing campus mail is picked up at all accessible mail stops once
a day. Properly addressed campus mail is processed within 24 hours or less.
Quick and efficient delivery of campus mail can be made by following these preparation guidelines:
Separate all campus and meter mail from the outgoing US Mail.
Do not use staples to seal envelopes.
Use blue or black ink, or labels (if possible).
Make sure that contents are secure by tucking in the flap or sealing the envelope with tape. This prevents smaller pieces
of mail from becoming inadvertently inserted into larger ones during handling.
 Band mass campus mailings (25 or more pieces) by building. (For example: 21 pieces to Sibley Hall, 18 pieces to
Goldwin Smith Hall, 34 pieces to Mann Library.) Email or call ahead (254-8284) if you have more than one tub.
 Use complete campus addresses and avoid abbreviations; many buildings on campus share the same name—for example,
Olin Hall, Olin Lab, Olin Library.
Using Campus Mail for the following items is prohibited:
Packages or parcels.
Personal mail (catalogs, greeting cards, food, or other items unrelated to university business)
Books, tubes or odd-sized items
Cash (or other negotiable paper)
Hazardous materials
Cornell Mail Services is responsible for auditing campus mailings for compliance with relevant university policies. Mailings may be reviewed for
consistency with these policies. Campus mailings not in compliance can be removed from the mail stream. Contact Mark Hall if you have official
Cornell mail that falls in the prohibited list, email: [email protected] or call 254-8283.
Sending Mail From Cornell
 USPS :
 The Cornell PostMarket, located in the Cornell Store, is a US Postal Unit that provides USPS postage
and services to the public. They accept Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards for payment.
 You can drop stamped personal mail into the USPS blue boxes around campus.
 Request approval with your mailroom staff before adding personal mail to a buildings outgoing US Mail.
 UPS & FedEx :
 The carriers have campus drop boxes and some buildings/departments allow personal mail to be received
and sent by individuals as long as approval is given and the charges are paid personally.
Receiving Personal Mail at Cornell
 Is not recommended. It requires approval from your supervisor and mailroom staff before adding to your
buildings mail processing volume which utilizes Cornell resources. Also, as previously covered in mail
forwarding, changing addresses at Cornell is not as efficient, or easy, as regular forwarding.
Campus Mail
 Campus Mail is for Official Cornell business only, no personal items are allowed through the internal
mail system. Items must fit in a camps envelope and follow the mail guidelines listed on our website:

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