U.S. Commercial Service

U.S. Commercial Service
International Buyer Program
DistribuTECH 2015
Exhibitor Roundtable
July 9, 2014
Mark Wells, IBP Project Officer, Washington, D.C.
Contact: [email protected], Tel: (202) 482-0904
International Buyer Program
• IBP Mission: Connecting U.S. companies with overseas buyers to produce
U.S. exports. “Behind every export is a job and a family”.
• Producing Buyer/Seller meetings that increase export partnerships and
export sales.
• International Business Center:
• Lounge, Refreshments, B2B meetings, Translators, Export Counseling.
• Offers “complimentary” export programs that maximize U.S. exhibitors’
export sales.
• IBP Team includes I&A Industry Analyst that understands the U.S. and
global Smart Grid and T&D sectors.
• IBP Project Officer Contact: [email protected]
Export Counseling
• U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. State Department staff provides
country-specific export market advice.
• Obtain market-entry strategies and assistance in locating overseas
distributors and sales representatives.
• What overseas trade events should you be exhibiting at?
• Learn from EXIM Bank and USTDA about export financing and other
export programs to increase your overseas business.
• Counseling sessions are held at your booth or in the International
Business Center (e.g. for larger groups).
• Questions, contact [email protected]
Showtime Program
• One-on-One meetings with U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. State
Department delegation leaders and export partners (EXIM Bank, USTDA).
• U.S. exhibitors discuss overseas market-entry strategies and potential
markets and sales for their products/services.
• Delegation leaders introduce their delegates to you to increase export
business partnerships and sales.
• Meetings last 20-30 minutes and can be held at your booth, or in the
International Business Center (e.g. large groups).
• Questions, contact [email protected]
IBP Posts Recruiting Buyers
South Africa
South Korea
Sweden/Nordic Region
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
And More Countries
Questions, contact [email protected]
B2B Matchmaking Meetings
• IBP buyers use the U.S. Export Interest Directory for B2B, then use
exhibitor tools: Exhibitor List Index search, Interactive floorplan
and Exhibitor Profiles in the Show Directory. Get listed in the EID
to maximize your B2B sales prospects. They cannot find you if you
are not listed!
• B2B meetings are held at your booth or in the International
Business Center.
• Mark Wells can make pre-show and onsite introductions to the
delegation leaders, who can also introduce you to their buyers.
• Questions, contact [email protected]
U.S. Export Interest Directory
• U.S. exhibitors provide contact information, overseas buying
interests (e.g. seeking distributors, sales representatives, direct
sales, etc.) and list 5-10 export countries of interest.
• EID is provided to international attendees/buyers.
• EID is an excellent sales tool to increase overseas sales.
• EID listing is “complimentary” for U.S. exhibitors.
• EID creates opportunities for U.S. exhibitors to connect with
prospective customers, pre-show, onsite, and post-show.
• Questions, contact [email protected]
U.S. Export Interest Directory
Canary Labs, Inc. .
195 Bean Hill Road
Martinsburg, PA 16662
Company Official at DistribuTECH: Ed Stern
Email: [email protected]; Telephone: +1 (814) 793-3770
Exporting Status: Currently Exporting
Products and Services: Canary Enterprise Historian, TrendLink,
InfoLink, AxiomTrend and TrendReporter
Interests: Direct Sales and Overseas Agents/Distributors
Countries of Interest: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Norway, Russia, Sweden
and United Kingdom
Results: DTECH14
• IBP recruited 16 buyer delegations, over 180 buyers from major markets,
including: Angola, Brazil, Canada, India, Turkey, United Arab Emirates,
and the United Kingdom.
• IBP organized over 2,100 B2B matchmaking meetings between IBP
delegates and U.S. exhibitors.
• IBP organized over 230 Showtime meetings with over 38 U.S. exhibitors.
• IBP partnered with U.S. Trade and Development Agency and USDOC:
Istanbul office, to organize over 800 meetings with U.S. exhibitors.
• IBP participation offers U.S. exhibitors and other U.S. companies
Outstanding opportunities to meet overseas buyers, potential sales
reps/distributors, delegation leaders, USDOC and State Dept. staff
and other export partners.
• Opportunities to make overseas connections at IBP export
programs at the show. Connections that can lead to export
partnerships and sales opportunities.
• Mark Wells, IBP Project Officer, is your go-to person. He can make
the introductions to the delegation leaders; the key players who
know the markets & buyers in your target markets. Questions,
contact [email protected]

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