Frequently Asked Middle School Questions

Panther Pride!
Topics This Evening:
Your Administrative Staff
Getting to and from school
The 6th grade schedule
PE Clothes
Lunch Money
Fees at school
What is ASB?
Clubs and activities
Your Administrative Staff
Principal: Mrs. Dominique Dennis
6th Grade Assistant Principal
7th Grade Assistant Principal
8th Grade Assistant Principal
Mrs. Barbara Pierce
Mr. Kim Mahaffey
Mrs. Chrissy Beraza
Other Important Staff
~6th grade: Mrs. Sarah Overturf
~7th grade: Mrs. Marsha Dunstan
~8th grade: Ms. Diane Partida
Nurse: Mrs. Vickie Wright
Attendance: Ms. Sophie Moore
Testing Facilitator: Mrs. Cindy Johnson
School Psychologist/ Special Education : Mr. Duane Franks
Getting To and From School
Bus routes will be printed in the newspaper the
weekend prior to school opening, including pickup
and drop-off times.
Please allow your child to take the bus to school on
the first day. It alleviates much stress on our kids!
If you drop your student off, please use the turnaround by the gym.
If you plan to ride home with a friend, you must have
a note stamped in the office at the beginning of the
day. The drivers will NOT allow non-assigned
students on the bus without this process.
About Receiving Schedules…
Washington law requires schools to confirm students’
vaccinations. If you choose not to vaccinate your
child, the law states the form must still be signed by
your family physician. As soon as we receive the
confirmation form, families can receive their
The office will be open for business this week from
The 6th Grade Schedule
What ‘s happening?
Content Block #1 (math/ science
Content Block #2 (language arts/history or
language arts/ history)
math/ science)
Lunch (11:00-11:30 or 11:12-11:42, staggered to alleviate crowding)
Complete block #2
Exploratory/ Fitness/ Music
What is ‘Enhancement’ class?
A 40-minute opportunity for student intervention in
reading or math. (period 5)
Students are enrolled by their teachers.
Changes approximately each quarter.
This class may be remediation or enrichment.
Health/P.E. (Fitness) Class
Fitness/Health class is mandated by state
law. Music students will have Fitness daily
for 40 minutes.
Non-musicians will have fitness for one
semester for 80 minutes.
 Our students dress down in dark shorts
and a light-colored t-shirt, as well as
tennis shoes.
 If you choose to purchase a school P.E.
uniform (optional), they are available
through the front office for $17.
(shirt $7 and shorts $10).
Exploratory Classes
Our Related Arts programs are designed
as an ‘exploratory’ model. That is,
students will be assigned those classes with
the intent of experiencing as many options
as possible throughout their middle school
Music students (band, choir, orchestra) are
student-selected year-long exploratory
Non-musicians will rotate through art,
woodshop, guitar, world drumming,
computers and family/consumer science
for 2 quarters.
Special Fees at School
If, during related arts, your child has the
opportunity to explore art, woodworking or
family/ consumer science, those courses have a
$10. materials fee. Computers, world drumming,
guitar and drama do not have associated costs.
Academic Success
You may access your child’s
academic progress any time via
PowerSchool. Letters with
passwords will be sent home the
first week of school.
Teachers are asked to update
online grade books weekly.
‘Destination Organization’ is a
part of our 6th grade program.
Regular, on-time attendance at school increases academic
success! Learning starts at 7:40 a.m.
When your child is ill, please call the office to let us
know. Upon the student’s return, please send a note with
him or her to take to the attendance window.
If your child has an absence of more than a day or so, a
homework request can be submitted through the
attendance office.
Pre-excused absences for out-of-town travel should be
arranged the week before the absence through our
attendance secretary.
Lunch and Lunch Money
Middle School lunch is $2.75 for the 2013-14 school
year. Breakfast is $1.50 and milk is 50¢.
We have computerized lunch accounts via
‘’ (No fees! Low account reminders! )
or your child can add funds to their account in the lunch
lockbox in the office in an envelope with the student’s
name and student number on it.
Please complete reduced-price meal paperwork as
quickly as possible at the start of the school year.
6th grade lunch has a double start to alleviate crowding.
All students have a 30-minute period for lunch
Free/ Reduced Meal Applications
Apply for Free/
Reduced meals
What is ASB?
Our Associated Student Body supports school
extracurricular activities, sports and clubs.
The ASB fee is optional for 6th graders, but provides
discounted entry into school socials as well as some
district events such as high school football games and
music/ drama productions.
Cost is $15.
The ASB is run BY students FOR students. If you think
you would eventually like to run for leadership
office, make sure your grades are good and your
discipline record is clean while at McLoughlin! 
Open Clubs and Activities
FCCLA (Family, Career and
Community Leaders of America)
Chess Club
Buddy Club
Lunch With Mrs. Pierce
Lunchtime Explore
Clubs and Activities by Invitation
Spring Drama Production (by audition)
AMOT (Alpha Men of Tomorrow)
Delta See
Girls on Track
Natural Helpers
Peer Mediators
Parents, we need YOU!
Our ATP (Action Team for
Partnerships) needs you!
Please consider attending
our monthly meetings for
parent involvement and
activities. Mr. CD Williams is
our Co-Chair.
Would you like to volunteer
your time or services at
McLoughlin? Please contact
Cindy Johnson.
School Socials
Music and dancing in the cafeteria, open gym,
team video games, karaoke, arts & crafts
Cost $3-$5.00
Students must be picked up promptly by 4:30.
At the end of the year, a school
yearbook (or annual) is published.
It includes photos of our students
and staff, activities, sports and clubs.
Pre-ordered cost: $20 with ASB
before Christmas, $25 after
Christmas or without ASB. Only preorders are guaranteed for delivery,
so we suggest you order early!
Dress for Success in Pasco Schools
Please keep underwear UNDER your clothes; bra straps
Pants should fit at the waist and not have holes in them.
Shorts or skirts need to be at least longer than your
fingertips with your arms at your sides.
Shoulders should be covered (no tanks/spaghetti straps).
Slippers & pajamas stay home; save it for spirit days!
No solid color t-shirts in red or blue
T-shirt messages should be school-appropriate
Upcoming Events
Student schedules mailed out
8/19-20: Broken Schedule Days (8:30-11:00, 11:30-2:30)
Sixth Grade Orientation (6:00)
6th graders start school!
7th & 8th graders’ first day
No School (Labor Day)
Open House Night (6:30)
School picture day
School events are also posted on our website calendar.
Thank you for coming and see you at
orientation next Thursday!
Don’t forget to bring your schedule on the
evening of the 22nd! 

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