Candy-Cane-O-Gram poster - Alternative Spring Break Peru

Show your friendship and appreciation to your friends this
holiday season….
Send your friends and colleagues a Candy-Cane-O-Gram!
The 3 people who receive the most candy-Cane-o-Grams will
receive a bonus gift from PERU!
Suggested Donation $ 1 each
Proceeds will help buy medical supplies for the people of PACHACUTEC shantytown in Lima Peru, and defer costs for the Alternative Spring Break Peru!
Where: Lower Basement, Slavin Center. Dec 7-10, 2010.
** Or by email (send check payable to Providence College to FAC 402) **
Candy-Cane-O-Grams will be sent on Dec. 14-15. - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!
Sponsored by: ASB Peru – Feinstein Institute – [email protected]
Daily Candy-Cane-O-Gram Meter
Today’s Goal is ___________
Date: __________
65 Candy-Cane-O-Grams
60 Candy-Cane-O-Grams
55 Candy-Cane-O-Grams
50 Candy-Cane-O-Grams
45 Candy-Cane-O-Grams
40 Candy-Cane-O-Grams
35 Candy-Cane-O-Grams
30 Candy-Cane-O-Grams
25 Candy-Cane-O-Grams
20 Candy-Cane-O-Grams
15 Candy-Cane-O-Grams
10 Candy-Cane-O-Grams
5 Candy-Cane-O-Grams
Sponsored by: ASB Peru – Feinstein Institute – [email protected]

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