Study Skills Workshop

Study Skills Workshop
Proudly Presented by:
* Angel Nevin
* Abdula Newman
* Nick Ritchie
Relax and enjoy a short clip…
Good Study Skills Begin With:
 Active Reading
 Effective Note Taking
 Cornell Notes
 Mind Map (Spidergram,
spidergraph, spider
 Test Preparation
 Flashcards
 Diagrams
Different Methods of Studying
Pros and Cons
 More control for you (i.e.
time, style, location, etc.)
 Get a new perspective on
 Use your vocabulary
 Reduce procrastination
 Responsibility rests with
you (i.e. self-testing,
 No assistance in filling in
knowledge gaps
 Only your perspective,
your style, your consistent
 Fill in knowledge gaps
 Cover more material in less
 Pre-planning/Coordination
 Can have distractions
 Reduced independence
Individual Studying Tips
 Where you study matters!
 When you study matters!
 Set goals for each study session
 Balance study time and breaks
 Physical preparation is as important as mental
Collaborative Studying Tips
 Clear communication is vital!
 Establish collaborative goals to increase focus
 Also establish individual goals to promote
 Actively recruit motivated collaborators
 Be conscious of collaborator characteristics including size,
learning style, and ability
Collaborative Study Methods
 Jigsaw method
 Study groups
 Note sharing
 Tutoring
Honor Code
 The following shall constitute academic irregularities.
 (a) The use of notes, books, or assistance from or to
other students while taking an examination or working on
other assignments unless specifically authorized by the
instructor--acts defined as cheating.
 (b) The presentation of words or ideas from an existing
source as one's own--acts defined as plagiarism.
 (c) Other activities that interfere with the educational mission
within the classroom.
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FAU Resources
Supplemental Instruction
 FREE Tutoring is offered
for many courses
 Proven Effective here at
 Classmates as Tutors!
 All Leaders have gotten
an A in the course
 Located in the Center for
Teaching and Learning
 2nd floor of GS
 Friendly, well-trained
learning assistants
 Combines what to know
and how to learn
 6+ sessions may
increase overall grade by
½ to a full letter grade!
University Resources
Additional Resources
(Youtube videos)
 Memory Tricks:
 Absorbing what you read:
 Mind Mapping:
 Cornell Note Taking:
 Note Taking Options:
 Points to Ponder:
Thank you for participating in our Study Skills Workshop!
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