Inclusive DRM in India - Handicap International Seminars

Inclusive Disaster Risk
Management in India
Annie Patri
1/ Historical Experience
Mainstreaming disability in Disaster Risk Reduction mainly focusing on
developing models (training and tools) to make DRR projects inclusive as well as
implementing at field level community based DRR along with other stakeholders. The
project funded by DIPECHO is implemented in partnership with IFRC, CARE and GAA
and local NGO partners in Orissa, West Bengal, and Andaman Nicobar Islands.
2. Emergency response to vulnerable groups in flood affected districts of Bihar.
Through VFP (Vulnerable focal points),
3. Integrating disability in community based disaster risk reduction and response in
Odisha, focus on working with governments, while piloting actions in the field ,
capacity building of DRR and disability practioners , creating spaces for interface
between the two. Cost Extension included Bangladesh and the “birth” of the ‘regional
A first regional project “Make Disaster Risk Reduction Disability Inclusive in Asia”
with the following key outcomes:
A regional toolkit on disability-inclusive CBDRM (;
A tested methodology to collect good practices and a model on disabilityinclusive CBDRM;
Training modules for DRM practitioners/donors on disability-inclusive CBDRM;
Creation of the Disability-inclusive Disaster Risk Reduction (DiDRR)
Network including ASB, CBM, Handicap International and Malteser International
( MoFA Lux and DIPECHO)
INCRISD South Asia : Inclusive Community Resilience for Sustainable Disaster
Management . ( a regional consortium with AA & OGB) looking at inclusion, from
a more comprehensive view; and an initial focus on women, disability and social
exclusion related to caste and ethnicity.
3 short term projects related to Emergency Response and Recovery ( Odisha
following 2011 – Floods, ( NFI + Supporting Livelihood )
2/Projects results
Integrating disability in community
based disaster risk reduction and
response in Odisha
Refer to coping study – PPT
2/ Good practices and tools in
inclusive DRM to share
Refer to Table
In the pipeline :
INCRISD– website, preliminary inclusive DRM,
Good practices on inclusive DRM, Toolkit and
training modules ( face to face and On-line)
Inclusive DRM Facebook
3/ Main issues and difficulties
in inclusive DRM to share
1. Inclusion takes time and resources
2. Capacity building on inclusive
approaches despite tools and training
3. Balance « rehab » and mainstream
DRR activities.
5/Prospects for Inclusive DRM
for HI in India
Disaster Vulnerability – (Floods, Cyclone,
earthquake, droughts, landslides, flash
floods,lightening )
Policy - Practice
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