Travel Guide - College of Nursing

Brigham Young University
College of Nursing
Travel Types
Conference (most common)
Board meetings
Product Training meetings
Research Project
Meeting With Donors
Clinical Mileage— Forms must be turned in monthly
• Travel Allowance
o $1500 total for travel for calendar year
o $750 total for registration for calendar year
• College Account
o Represent College with prior approval of the Dean
o Faculty who are on elected Boards of regional or national nursing
organizations and need to attend the annual conference will be supported in
their efforts. First check with the organization to see if travel funding is available
for Board Members. (Also, presentations at these conferences are
encouraged.) Examples: WIN, AACN, NSNA
o Professional/Business meetings and/or mileage for faculty and staff are
supported based on position responsibilities. Travel for faculty who are asked
by the College to attend special meetings will be covered in addition to the
individual faculty travel budget. Examples: Nursing Boot Camp
• Research Account
o Research Dissemination
o Conducting research, data collection, working with external team, etc.
Travel Cards
• When your card expires, the ASB will contact you
when your new card is ready for pick-up.
• You can have the financial assistants pick it up, or
you can pick it up from the ASB.
o If you pick up your own card, be sure to bring it by my desk so I can
update it in my travel card spreadsheet.
o If you know your card is due to expire soon and you want the financial
assistants to pick up your new card, please wait to ask them until after you
have received the notification from the ASB about your new card.
• If you are making your own travel arrangements
online, the billing address for all travel cards is
C-40 ASB.
Getting Started
• Submit a travel application on the college website
at least 2 months before your trip
o The form will first be approved by Dean Ravert. After I receive her
approval, I will submit a travel authorization through the university’s
purchasing website which is then approved by Kathy. Once we have
both approvals, I will start arranging your trip, or give you the go ahead to
arrange your travel if you are doing it personally.
o Check with me to make sure the travel application has
been fully submitted. You have to validate AND submit the
form before it comes to my queue.
o If you encounter problems with the form,
call Ken, Cy, or the assistant CSRs.
Be Sure to Include
• If college travel will cause you to miss teaching any of
your courses, you must indicate who will be covering
your course(s) by name (e.g. you cannot just put that
your class will be covered by adjunct faculty, etc).
o The college prefers to have full-time faculty cover for you, as adjuncts are able
to but will not receive any extra pay since we are unable to change their
contracts. You may also give alternate assignments to take the place of
classes the day(s) you will be gone. TA’s are not allowed to cover your course
in your absence.
• Make sure your dates all match up (e.g. your flight dates
match your hotel check-in & check-out dates).
• Always include rough estimate of # of meals so I can
calculate the per diem.
• Typically first thing we do after initial approvals,
done through the travel office
• I go off of the days you have put down for your
hotel stay to arrange your flight dates
• Always try to get the cheapest flight
• Try to get traveler to destination before dark
• Do not arrange the flight yourself
Extra Flight Info
• Frontier Airlines Carry-On Policy: BYU has a contract
with Frontier that cancels the carry-on fees for flights
made through the BYU Travel Office.
• Special circumstances—travelers may personally
arrange flights through the travel office for things
like companion tickets for family members, but you
must talk to me first and we will get written
permission from the travel office.
• We always try to get you into the conference hotel
if possible.
• The college will pay through the duration of the
conference, and up to the night before and the
night after the conference.
• If you are staying at a hotel where there is not a
lower conference rate (things like research trips,
meeting with donors, etc.) we can still have the
Travel Office see if BYU is contracted with them to
get you a cheaper rate.
Extra Hotel Info
• If you put in your travel application late and we
have to get you a hotel that is more expensive than
the conference hotel, your overall travel costs will
be higher, which may result in limiting the amount of
trips you take and increasing the chance that you
may need to pay the difference personally. This
may also mean a higher cost of conference city
transportation between your hotel and the
• Always bring back final hotel bills (these may also
be emailed from the hotel directly).
Conf. Registrations
• Send to the financial
• Don’t print off the entire registration.
• Logins/usernames/passwords
Session preferences (if applicable)
Meal preferences (if applicable)
Emergency contact
Title & Credentials
Conf. Registration
• Be sure you’re attending conferences, before
requesting to attend a conference.
Have all of this stuff figured out before you submit your application:
o Funding questions
o Family events
o Running away from us (don’t do this)
o Early-bird deadline
o Student travel: all registration information & a valid way for us to contact
o Dates you’re traveling
o If you’ll need a cash advance (see #28 for more info)
Registrations Cont.
• You can check out the purchasing card from the
financial assistants (Ben & Dallin).
• Send receipt to Ben/Dallin ASAP.
o THIS IS TRUE FOR ALL PURCHASES! (Quick Orders, P-Card, Print and Copy,
Bookstore, etc)
• Do not register for a conference on
your corporate card or personal card.
Local Conference
• These are for any day trips to a conference. Costs
for meals, transportation, hotel, flight, AND MILEAGE
are not available on the form and the college only
pays for the conference registration itself.
• These go strictly through the financial assistants.
• A good example of a local conference registration
would be any one-day conference in Salt Lake City.
Conference City
• Always try to find the cheapest modes of transport:
o Shuttles
• usually the cheapest, some hotels have free shuttles
• Do not use (cards have been compromised using
their site)
o Taxis
• Best for large groups (2 or more people)
o Rental Cars
• Must use Hertz or National Enterprise or BYU rental cars (if driving from
• You will be reimbursed up to what the cheapest mode of transport
would have been
Mileage, Xpress Shuttle, &
Miscellaneous Charges
• Mileage
• Xpress Shuttle
o usually $34 one-way or $68 roundtrip from Provo
• Airport parking
• Baggage
• Driving to conference
o You will be reimbursed for mileage up to what the cheapest flight,
shuttles, and airport mileage/airport parking would have been, whichever
is cheaper.
• Mark meals on travel application
o Per diem policy: just bring back receipts
o List of per diem rates per city, state on BYU purchasing website
• You will need to pay personally if you go over the
per diem rate for the city to which you are traveling.
• Get Itemized receipts!!
• Tape them to the paper in
your folder in a single layer.
• Label them
o Example: Friday Breakfast; Taxi ride from hotel to airport
• Missing Receipt Form
• If there are any charges you paid for personally (but that
should be covered by the college), please indicate them as
such so I can reimburse you on the expense report.
Receipt Types
Itemized Receipt
Not Itemized
Before Your Trip
• Always double-check any confirmations the
financial assistants or I send you.
• Confirmations (white travel binder & yellow folder)
at least a week before your trip.
• You must personally reimburse the college for any
charges for family members accrued on your travel
• If possible, please try to pay for family meals on
separate cards. If you can’t do that, mark what
each person had so I know which is college
and which is personal.
Student Travel
• The college will pay for the following:
Flight (plus one bag)
Conference city transportation
• The college will not pay for the following (not
even from a research account):
o Transportation to the SLC Airport
o Airport parking
Student Travel Cont.
Please choose ONE of the following payment options
(and stick with it):
• Have the students pay for their own meals and
bring their receipts to me.
• OR pay for their meals on your corporate card and
mark who had what. This is best if you are both
going under the same account.
• Try not to do this!
• Major cancellation fees—registration, flights, hotel
• If you are unsure about your plans for a conference,
it’s usually best if you wait until you have all of your
information together before you submit the form.
(i.e. schedules, hotel/flight plans, accompanying
family, what will be paid for by the conference
organization, etc.)
Foreign Travel
Research your area:
• For many foreign trips, it’s often a good idea to take
cash because there are lots of places that don’t
accept credit cards.
• If you want me to arrange your conference city
transport, find out what will be best for your trip and
let me know ASAP what you prefer.
Cash Advances
• This may only be used for Foreign Travel for trips of 7
days or more, with a minimum amount of $500.
• The cash advance must be requested on the travel
authorization. This means that you cannot let us
know a week before your trip that you need a cash
advance. So when you put in your travel
application a few months before your trip, include
in the notes section how much you need and why.
• Still use your travel card whenever possible.
• Leftover cash should be returned to the travel
Foreign Travel Expense
• For purchases that are made with your travel card,
don’t worry about converting foreign currency to
USD on your receipts and your reimbursement
sheet: I am required to go off of the amount that
the BYU purchasing website’s currency converter
says is the USD amount (which may be different
than the amount that you calculated).
• Continue to label receipts (especially if it involves
personal purchases for family members).
After Your Trip
• Bring your travel folder and ALL receipts
back to me upon arrival home.
• We will let you know if you owe the university
for personal charges. If you owe money,
please bring me the check upon
• There are income tax implications if you are
late with receipts or money due.
Upcoming Conferences
• WIN (Albuquerque, April 21): If going to WIN (or
taking students), put your information in ASAP.
Hotel rooms are available, registration information
has not yet been published.
• IFNA (Denmark, August 18)- The IFNA committee
will be sending out notices of abstract acceptance
on 2/2. There are still hotel rooms available.
• NSNA (Phoenix, April 8): Some info is currently online
but there are no registration links yet.
When planning a trip, what
is the first thing you should
Submit a travel
application on the
college website.
What is the difference
between your travel
allowance and the college
Travel allowance —your allotted allowance for
the year. You typically choose to attend the
conference on your own.
College account—The dean asks you to attend
the conference.
What two things must be
approved before we start
arranging your travel? (even
if you are making your own
Travel application
(first) and travel
How many hotel nights will
the college cover?
Night before,
duration of
conference, night
after conference
Who registers you for
conferences and how do
they pay for it?
Financial assistants—with
the college purchasing
card (or you may check
the card out from them).
Which rental car companies
can you use?
Hertz or
What is the policy for
driving to a conference?
The traveler will be reimbursed
up to whatever mileage/Xpress
shuttle to airport, flight, and
conference city transportation
would have been; whichever
was cheapest.
If it is cheaper for you and
your spouse to share a taxi
than to reserve two shuttle
spots, will you owe anything
to the college?
If one shuttle spot is
cheaper than taxi
fare, the traveler will
owe the college the
Which of the following are
NOT covered by the
A. Hotel stay beginning the night before the
conference and lasting through the end of the
B. Taxi to restaurant
C. Mileage to the SLC Airport
D. Airport parking
E. All are covered by the college
B. Taxi to Restaurant
What do you do with
receipts after your trip (but
before you give them to
Mark all receipts and
tape them to the
paper provided in
your white travel

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