Flowers for Algernon Chapters 12-13

Flowers for Algernon Chapters
What is happening to the
relationship between Charlie and
Drs. Nemur and Strauss?
Strauss is worried that there are
problems with the experiment
 The relationship is becoming strained
because Charlie resents Nemur – he
believes Nemur didn’t consider him
human before the experiment
2a. What is happening to Charlie’s
power of recall?
He is able to recall things more and more
 He cannot control his power of recall
completely yet
2b. What does Charlie think
about the situation with his ability to
recall information?
He thinks that eventually he will be able
to control it
3.Describe the event involving
his sister that Charlie remembered.
Charlie’s sister wanted a dog
 Matt said no because Norma wouldn’t
share it with Charlie
 Rose had said Norma could get a dog
 Norma resents Charlie because he always
gets what he wants
3a. What was Charlie’s feeling
upon remembering this event?
He is sad that Norma didn’t get her dog
4. Why did Charlie and Alice
have a quarrel?
Alice feels inferior around Charlie
5. What is Charlie’s IQ at this
point in the story?
6. Describe the incident in
Central Park?
Charlie is propositioned by a pregnant
 He thinks she is disgusting
 Charlie grabs the woman and she screams
and runs to report him
 Charlie hides
7. What memory was triggered
by fastening the seat belt in the
Charlie remembers Dr. Guarino
8. What was Charlie’s
observation about Dr. Guarino?
Dr. Guarino was always kind to Charlie
9. What was Charlie’s main
resentment concerning Professor
Professor Nemur is not treating Charlie
like a human being
10. Describe the main events at
the conference.
Charlie feels Nemur isn’t treating him as a
human being
 Charlie lets Algernon loose
 Charlie and Algernon go to New York
why does Charlie’s truth about
Dr. Guarino?
Charlie respects Dr. Guarino despite the
fact he was a quack

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