Introduction to Flowers for Algernon

Introduction to Flowers for
The Power Point you are about to
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Mrs. Geller, with love!
What is Flowers for Algernon,
which I shall refer to as FFA?
• FFA is about Charlie Gordon.
• Charlie is a mentally retarded adult who
is given the opportunity to become a
• This Power Point will introduce you to
some of the concepts and vocabulary
that appear in the story.
What is IQ?
• IQ stands for intelligence quotient. There are
a lot of different IQ tests given to try to figure
out how smart people are.
• IQ tests have been criticized a lot because
wealthy white people from educated families
often perform better on the tests; this DOES
NOT necessarily mean they are smarter!
What is mental retardation?
• Mental retardation is a term used to describe
lower than average mental abilities.
• Some doctors define mental retardation as
having an IQ below 70.
• There are a lot of terms that doctors once
used to describe mental retardation like idiot,
imbecile, moron, and feeble-minded. These
terms are not really used anymore because
they are insulting.
What is EI?
• EI stands for Emotional Intelligence.
• Emotional Intelligence measures how
well we recognize our own feelings and
emotions and how we deal with our
emotions in relationships.
• Emotional Intelligence measures
abilities that may not be measured by
IQ tests.
What is a Rorschach Test
• The Rorschach test was invented by a guy
named Herman Rorschach.
• It’s a psychological test where you are given
a bunch of weird ink blots to look at, and you
are asked what they look like to you.
• Psychologists disagree as to whether or not
Rorschach testing is useful.
• Mrs. Geller has the actual cards used in a
Rorschach test.
What is TAT?
• TAT stands for the Thematic Apperception
• This is also a psychological test where you’re
shown several pictures and you’re asked to
describe what is happening, what the
characters are thinking and feeling, and what
might happen next.
• Psychologists look for patterns. If you see
violence and death in every picture, it might
mean something!
• Mrs. Geller has TAT cards too.
What is phonetic spelling?
• Phonetic spelling is spelling things the way
that they sound.
• For example the phonetic spelling of the word
“photograph” would be “fotograf”.
• The phonetic spelling of “great” would be
“grate” or “gr8”.
• You’ll notice that in Flowers for Algernon,
Charlie uses phonetic spelling.
• Some of you use phonetic spelling too, but
let’s not go there!
Will you like Flowers for
• Yes, you will!
• You will like it because I’m telling you
that you’ll like it!
• I’m only kidding, but most 8th graders
do like this story.
The End
• This means that this Power Point has
• Hopefully, you figured that out!

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