from The Housing Authority

◦ Project Based Voucher
◦ Tenant Based Voucher
VASH (250)
NED (100)
Portability (vouchers from other HAs)
Home Ownership
This is based upon many items:
Size of voucher
Household composition
Size of Unit
Income of Family
a. # of children/disabled adult children
b. out of pocket medical expenses
day care costs
Current Payment Standard
Amount of rent the landlord is approved to receive (Rent
Utilities of the unit – type of utility the tenant must pay
Tenant will never pay less than 30% of Adjusted
Monthly Income for total of rent and cost of
utilities that are responsibility of tenant
Tenant is not permitted to pay more than 40% of
Adjusted Monthly Income for total of rent and
cost of utilities that are responsibility of tenant
AT MOVE IN…..can be higher once in the unit
and income increases
Subsidy belongs to the unit, not to the tenant
Roymar Hall
Liberty House
Oxford Hotel
Mary Taylor House
Denney Reyburn Apartments
North 2nd Ave (Chestnut St / Steel City)
City Clock
Parkesburg School Apartment
Downtown Revival
Washington Terrace (Ash Park Terrace and Washington House)
Current list was opened Oct 2011 for one day –
at this time we have approximately 2217
• Literal Homeless (applied by referrals only)
• Employed
• Veteran
• Elderly
• Disabled
• Chester County Resident
• MHMR (applied by referrals only)
•Families with children under 18 yrs old
HCVP client from any program will have a move packet if
approved by HACC to search for a home
Move packet content:
◦ Voucher
◦ Request for tenancy approval-unit information
◦ Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based paint
◦ Move-In and inspections notice
◦ Landlord Certification
◦ W-9 / Direct Deposit form
◦ Inspection checklist
◦ Owner responsibilities
◦ Partner Portal information-URL posted on our web site
HCVP Contract-after unit has been inspected and approved
Program is coordinated with VA for referrals of
qualified homeless veterans
All referrals come from VA
80-90% need 1 bedroom units
Provided case management to insure success
HCVP Staff:
Brenda Gomez, HCVP Coordinator
610-235-4478, [email protected]
Ashley Moses (Housing Specialist)- 610-235-4477, [email protected]
Linda Harmon (Project Base)- 610-235-4491, [email protected]
Celeste Stewart(Housing Specialist)- 610-235-4483, [email protected]
Leona DiMemmo (FSS/Homeownership)- 610-235-4480, [email protected]
Emma Kramkowski (Housing Specialist)- 610-235-4488, [email protected]
Steven Wayock (VASH/SRO)- 610-235-4490, [email protected]

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