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Famous Plug Domes
Novarupta Dome – Elevation – 841 m
Mount Pelee – Elevation - 1,397 meters
Lassen Peak – Elevation - 3,189 meters
Black Butte – Elevation - 1,962 meters
Novarupta Dome
Mount Pelee
Lassen Peak
Black Butte
Type of Eruption
Plug Dome Volcanoes have a
A Plinian Eruption is filled with gas, energy,
ash, and very gassy magma which is
Average Height
The average height of a Plug
Dome Volcano is:
Outline of a
Plug Dome Volcano
Type of Materials Ejected
Plug Dome volcanoes spill loose fragments,
(parts of the volcano) down its sides.
Some domes form craggy knobs or spines
over the volcanic vent, while others form
short steep-sided lava flows known as
This is an
example of lave
flowing down the
steep sides of the
volcano, even
though it is
difficult to see the
volcano, you can
still get the idea of
the lava flowing.
Describe The Lava
The lava in Plug Dome volcanoes is made up of
bulbous masses of lava.
Where are Plug Dome
Volcanoes commonly found?
Plug Dome volcanoes are commonly
found in California and Alaska. Most of
the famous ones can be found in Lassen
Volcanic Park on Medicine Lake
Impacts of Eruption
Negative Impacts
Positive Impacts
The negative impact of
Plug Domes erupting
is the population
dropping. The
population drops
because of the ash,
gas, and dust that is
exposed when the
volcano erupts.
The positive impact of a
Plug Dome eruption is
the fact that it forms
glass, and also
pumice. Pumice is
very valuable to most
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