Jacinta Change detectives mess scene

• Physical change
When something appears to be different
• Chemical change
When something looks the same but the substance
• Reversible/ recoverable
When something can be brought back to its original
• Liquid
A wet substance that moves freely
• Solid
Something hard that does not move freely
• Gas
A boiling liquid form
Our Change Detectives unit has been all
about seeing how things, objects and
substances change. Also we were
investigating what reactions a liquid
would have to a solid in a powder form. It
was a lot of fun and it was very exciting
to see an outcome that you wouldn’t
expect. Now I will show you all of our
investigations and results.
The burning candle was a physical
change because it appeared to be
different. It wasn’t a chemical change
because the wax remained the same, it
just melted. It is partly a chemical
change because the wick was burnt.
The burning candle wasn’t recoverable
because you can’t un-burn the wick.
We found that the icypoles
didn’t take long to defrost.
They changed because we
left them in room
temperature. The icypoles
were recoverable because
you can put in in the freezer
and it will return to its
original state. The icypoles
was a physical change
because they didn’t look
the same.
The Berocca fizzing in the water was a
chemical and a physical change. It was a
chemical change because the substance
inside changed. It was a physical change
because the water turned red as soon as
the Berocca tablet hit the water.
The melted chocolate was recoverable
because you can make it solid again by
putting it back in the fridge. The melted
chocolate is a physical change because it
didn’t look the same from its original state
The burnt chocolate
was a chemical and
a physical change
because it didn’t
look the same, (it
didn’t smell the
same either). The
chocolate turned to
ash because it was
left in the microwave
for too long.
It’s not recoverable
because you can’t bring
the ash back to normal
The vinegar on the table evaporated so it
can not be recovered. It’s a physical and
a chemical change, it was a physical
change because it was no longer there
so it looked different, a chemical change
because the substance vanished so the
substance changed.
The frozen milk is
reversible because
you can change its
stage by changing its
conditions. It’s a
physical change
because it looked icy
and not as a liquid.
The salt in the water is not reversible
because once the salt is in the water and
has dissolved you cannot separate it
from the water. This experiment is a
chemical change because you can’t see
the salt once it has dissolved.
What happened when you put the tartaric
acid and bicarb soda in a glass was that it
fizzed. If it didn’t have the acid in it, the
substance wouldn’t of fizzed, that was what
caused the reaction. It was
chemical and a physical
change because the
substance changed and the
water went foggy.
The perfume evaporated- like
the vinegar so it couldn’t be
reversed. It was both physical
and chemical changes because
it was no longer there it was
completely different.
• Ice chunk
• Observing tubes
• Different stages of
• Saturated salt
• Berocca
• Flame in a jar
• Salvital in water
• Bicarb soda and tartaric acid
in water
• They proved that solids liquids and
gasses can form into each other
depending on different temperatures
and conditions
• And that your predictions aren’t always
accurate, experiments can surprise
I learnt a lot in the science unit like all
about solids liquids and gasses and how
liquids react to powder solids. I also
learnt what physical and chemical
changes are.

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