5 Obstacles to Being Filled with the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit
“If I were Satan and my ultimate goal
was to thwart God’s Kingdom and
purposes, one of my main strategies
would be to get churchgoers to ignore
the Holy Spirit. The degree to which
this has happened…is directly
connected to the dissatisfaction most
of us feel with and in the church.”
Francis Chan
Forgotten God
“We may as well face it: the whole level of
spirituality among us is low. We have
measured ourselves by ourselves until the
incentive to seek higher plateaus in the things
of the Spirit is all but gone… (We) have
imitated the world, sought popular favor,
manufactured delights to substitute for the joy
of the Lord and produced a cheap and
synthetic power to substitute for the power of
the Holy Ghost.”
A.W. Tozer
Of God and Men (As quoted in Forgotten God)
“Even our church growth can happen without
Him. Let’s be honest: If you combine a
charismatic speaker, a talented worship band,
and some hip, creative events, people will
attend your church. Yet this does not mean
that the Holy Spirit of God is actively working
and moving in the lives of the people who are
coming. It simply means that you have
created a space that is appealing enough to
draw people in for an hour or two on Sunday.”
Francis Chan
Forgotten God
1 Corinthians 2:3 – 5
1 Corinthians 4:20
“Despite the intimidating power of the
massive Roman Empire and the religious
leaders, the disciples became men who
changed the very history of the world. The
Spirit of God brings the most amazing power
that can possibly be released upon the world.
It was true in the days of the early Church and
it is still true today. God wants you to walk in
the same power and victory as those worldshaking disciples of two thousand years ago.”
Bill Bright
His Intimate Presence: Experiencing the Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit
How to Know Whether You Are
Filled by the Holy Spirit
- Do you feel the joy and vitality of serving God?
- Do you desire to spend time with God through
prayer and His inspired Word?
- Do your relationships increasingly honor and
glorify Christ?
- Are you regularly, faithfully sharing your faith
in Christ with non-believers?
- Are you growing in faith and in the knowledge
of God daily?
- Is God leading you out into regular,
productive ministry?
- Is there evidence of the fruit of the Spirit in
your life?
- Are you using your spiritual gifts to serve the
body of Christ?
Bill Bright – His Intimate Presence
5 Obstacles to Being Filled with the Holy Spirit
1. Prideful Self-Reliance: The most basic of
sins; it confronts each of us. Our pride places
our ego in the center and on the throne of our
lives. Do you seek to manipulate people,
situations, or even God to achieve your
objectives? Do you trust in your own strength,
eloquence, cleverness, or ability to meet your
needs? This “self-love”, this “me-first” attitude
opposes God and His work in our lives.
5 Obstacles to Being Filled with the Holy Spirit
2. Worldliness: We often become so intrigued
with the false treasures of this world that we
lose sight of the blessings God has for us. Do we
hold on to all that we have and hope for; or do
we sign over every present and future material,
intellectual, physical, and spiritual possession to
Him? Do we seek comfort and significance from
things we purchase and possess? Is there
something you haven’t surrendered to Him?
Marriage, job security, health, kids, finances…
5 Obstacles to Being Filled with the Holy Spirit
3. The Approval of Others: Undue concern
for popular opinion can stand in the way of all
that God would like to do in your life. Do you
crave attention, recognition, compliments,
and significance from those around you? Are
you seeking the approval of others or the
“Audience of One”?
5 Obstacles to Being Filled with the Holy Spirit
4. Lack of Faith: Some believers cannot
summon the will to place themselves
completely in God’s hands. Do you feel
anxious? Are you finding peace in the midst
of the trials of life? Are you taking steps of
courage that force you to rely on God? How
could it be that He has yet to earn our
complete loving faith? He is all-powerful
and all-knowing. He is in control and He
loves you.
5 Obstacles to Being Filled with the Holy Spirit
5. Unconfessed Sin: Although Jesus has
provided forgiveness for all sins – past, present,
and future – we rob ourselves of intimacy with
God through our disobedience. The prophet
Isaiah offers a description of this regular event in
the lives of all believers: “There is a problem –
your sins have cut you off from God. Because of
your sin, He has turned away and will not listen
anymore.” (Isaiah 59:2) We need to confess and
turn from our sins, in thought, word and deed.
5 Obstacles to Being Filled with the Holy Spirit
Prideful Self-Reliance
The Approval of Others
Lack of Faith
Unconfessed Sin
Bill Bright – His Intimate Presence
Jesus stood and shouted to the crowds, “If
you are thirsty, come to Me! If you believe
in Me, come and drink! For the Scriptures
declare that rivers of living water will flow
out from within.” (When He said “living
water,” He was speaking of the Spirit, who
would be given to everyone believing in
Him. But the Spirit had not yet been
given, because Jesus had not yet entered
into His glory.) - John 7:37-39
Being Filled with the Holy Spirit
Desire to be controlled and empowered by the
Holy Spirit.
Confess all disobedience to God
Surrender control of every area of your life to our
Lord Jesus Christ.
Ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit.
Expect the Holy Spirit to work in and through you
regardless of how you feel.
“Lord, for the future of the church, for
the future of the gospel, for Thy way, and
also for my own life, I offer myself
without condition, without reservation,
into Thy hands. Lord, I delight to offer
myself unto Thee and am willing to let
Thee have Thy full way through me.”
Watchman Nee
The Release of the Spirit

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