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Unit 15: Tropical (A) and Arid (B) Climates
• Understand the major types of tropical
• Explore the major types of arid climates.
• Examine tropical (A) and arid (B) climates
using climographs developed from data
recorded by actual weather stations
• Highlight climate-related environmental
problems within tropical and arid climate zones
• Examine the causes and consequences of
tropical deforestation and desertification
Rainforest Climate Af
Rainforest Climate Af
Monsoon Forest Climate Am
Climate Aw
• Tropical
• Summer wet,
winter dry
• Transition zone
forests and
Savanna Climate Aw
Tree-dotted savanna of Kenya’s Maasai Mara game reserve.
Arid Climates B
Dry landscape of western Sahara near Morocco and Algeria.
Desert Climate BW
BW Climate
Steppe Climate (Semi-arid) BS
Steppe Winter Wheat Region of North America
Combines harvest winter wheat in western Nebraska.
Arid Regions Show the Highest Precipitation Variability

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