Discover the Question - Testing Symposium Dec 17 v1-7

Discovering the Question
Online Testing Symposium
December 17, 2014
Presented by
Roger W. Minier, Ph.D.
[email protected] 800-966-9638
Ohio’s Next Generation Assessments
End of Course Exams: Grades 7-12
Social Studies – Grades 4 & 6
Science – Grades 5 & 8
Remember – more options to graduate
ACT Score, ‘Industry Credential’ or
AP/Duel Enrollment or
high school EOC listed below:
Physical Science
Algebra I & Geometry
American History American Government
English I and II
Spring 2015 Testing Dates & Content Areas
Partnership for Assessment of
Readiness for College and Careers
Design of the Online Tests
You need to know:
WHAT is tested
and WHEN?
What you NEED to know:
Strategies for
each question
Test Questions
use a more ‘complex’ language and
vocabulary intended to reflect career
readiness appropriate to grade level,
SO questions are more difficult to
read to better let us know
“Are students ready?”
Third Grade Reading Guarantee
test items
built based on the appropriate
grade level of
‘text complexity’
(or ‘reading level’)
Let’s look at some sample items,
typical of ALL tests
Search for
“PARCC 6th grade Ruler”
Multiple Choice Items
– building maximum points
 Follow directions – it may earn a point!
 One answer ? Or more than one?
In the directions?
Box / Circle?
 Look for the Hint
 Be exact with digital tools (.99 does NOT = 1)
PARCC Sample Item Set Grade 6-8 ELA
What are the terms used on the
tests YOUR students take?
Examples include:
Constructed Response
Opinion / Argument
Conventions of Standard English
Provide detail / examples / textual
Home > Grade 11 ELA Literacy > Session 1 > 14 of 17
Items Where Videos Provide The Answers
Read questions FIRST
Take notes
Practice during class
Assessments first as guided ‘in class’ learning
Practice with INFOhio Digital Video Collection or
similar streaming video 3-4 minute length
• Practice with videos supporting YOUR content
For Ohio's Next Generation Assessments:
Look for tests in YOUR content areas
Sample Questions (typical items – not a ‘full test’)
Tutorials (how to take the test – tool samples)
Practice Tests (usually very similar to ‘real’ test)
Test Specifications (how many questions? point value?)
Grading Rubric (how the test will be scored)
Model Curricula (which questions may be asked)
Exact terms may vary somewhat between tests
– e.g. ‘practice test’ or ‘test blueprint’
for students with special needs:
Does your online assessment support…?
Extended Time
Text-to-speech (headphones)
Test Readers
Other supports
The student’s plan take precedence over typical testing
protocols, BUT accommodations usually can NOT apply
to just ONE specific test.
For example, if a student’s plan allows more time to
complete ONLINE testing then more time must also be
allowed for ALL testing.
Model Curriculum/Content Standards
that may be on the tests
MATH – Search “Ohio PARCC MATH"
ELA – Search “Ohio PARCC ELA”
SCIENCE – Search “Science Ohio Grades 5 & 8 plus
High School “
1) ODE Science website
2) Ohio’s Science Standards
SOCIAL STUDIES – Search “Social Studies Ohio
Grades 4 & 6 plus High School”
1) ODE Social Studies website
2) Ohio’s Social Studies Standards
Test Specifications
(‘BLUEPRINTS’) & Rubrics
Scoring guides, if available, give details of the specific tests and how scored
1) ODE Science website
 2) Ohio’s Science Assessments Scoring Guides
Social Studies
1) ODE Social Studies website
 2) Ohio’s Social Studies Assessment Scoring Guides
Practice Tests & Tutorials
Select ‘Test Preparation’ from the top horizontal menu
Select ‘Test Preparation’ from the top horizontal menu
Science - Grades 5 & 8 plus High School
1) Student Practice Site
 2) Student Practice Resources*
Social Studies - grades 4 & 6 plus High School
1) Student Practice Site
 2) Student Practice Resources*
* Paper Practice Tests, Tutorials, Tools, Scoring Guides
Math Model Content Frameworks
WHEN it will be tested
On the PARCC Math shown below
Green on Feb/March PBA, Blue & Green on April EOY Yellow… not so much
Test Specs Include Grading Rubric for Each Test
Next Generation: Biology Example
Search: “Ohio Department of Education Next Generation”
Use the content, tools, & strategies to prepare for
Learning and Life Skills
Daily, as a part of homework,
it’s NOT ‘all about the test’
but all about LEARNING
How to I begin?
- Just posting the assignment online in
the beginning
- Submitting work online comes later)
Assignments should include:
- In-class and as part of homework
Multiple Choice
More than one correct answer
then construct a
Questions based on viewing short videos
Testing: A Student’s View
Survey Says:
- Keyboard skills by grade 3
- Touch Typing Speed develops Grades
4-12; initially even 10 wpm is enough
- Building to 40-60 wpm minimum
(with accuracy)
- Recent PARCC Field testings shows
basic keyboard & mouse skills MAJOR
factor in student’s test performance
Keyboard Skills Needed:
Clicking on multiple correct answers
Use a secure browser
Cutting and pasting
Using on-screen calculator
Changing font size and background color
Dragging and dropping items
Manipulating a graph
Utilizing spreadsheets
Key Roles for Staff
Understand goals/content/format
Test Proctor
Test Assistants
What they can, and can’t do
Common problems & solutions
Special Needs Lead Know testing accommodations
Tech Coordinator
Curriculum Director Standards/instruction/assessment
Understand & support staff
Superintendent/BOE Funding & community support
Just as careers are changing…
K-12 education is changing as well
Research report  Inquiry-based writing
Lab computers  1:1 / BYO
School  Learning in & beyond the classroom
It’s Time to Begin YOUR 1:1
Learning for Assessments – for LIFE
The Goal:
Preparing Students
for Learning,
Career and Life
[email protected]
Permission is granted to use this PowerPoint within Ohio by any non-profit organization or school.
Material is copyright 2015 NWOET; some slides contain content made available
by the Ohio Department of Education.

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