Explorations in Nonfiction Writing

Explorations in Nonfiction
Concord Road School
January 22, 2013
A 21st Century Curriculum
“Nonfiction writing is essential to learning and to
inquiry, to communication, and to the support of deeper
levels of thinking. It is the currency of the new
workplace and our increasingly global economy.
Nonfiction writing, in its many forms, helps us convey
ideas, solve problems, and understand our changing
Tony Stead and Linda Hoyt
Why Explorations in Nonfiction Writing?
• Crafted by two of the foremost experts in
elementary nonfiction reading and writing;
• Provides rich professional development
• Builds a culture of inquiry and research;
• Reflects our instructional values and priorities;
• Aligned with our literacy vision;
• Taps into the natural wonderings of young
children as they explore their world.
Curriculum Foundations
Emphasizes the writing process;
Provides explicit supports that lift writing quality;
Provides personalized support for students;
Gradually releases responsibility;
Aligned with the Common Core State Standards;
Builds common language and understandings;
Develops critical and visual literacy.
Unique Features
Use of Assessments
Peer Editing Checklist;
Individual Evaluation Record;
Ongoing Monitoring Sheet.
Unique Features
Reading and Analyzing Non-Fiction
The RAN Chart
Unique Features
Mentor Texts
Explores a range of nonfiction text features;
Uses high quality descriptive writing;
Employs academic vocabulary;
Appeals to young learners through high
interest topics;
• Models all types of nonfiction writing.
Unique Features
Modeled Writing
Makes thinking and process visible;
Scaffolds skill development;
Provides direct and explicit instruction;
Differentiates instruction;
Offers strong visible support;
Provides interactive opportunities to create
exemplar texts.
Unique Features
Power Writes
• Provides on-going, frequent practice across
• Supports transfer of skills;
• Allows for the continual monitoring of student
• Invites reflection;
• Provides cross-curricular writing
“When I write, I wonder
When I write, I think
When I write, I learn
When I write…
I wrap myself in the magic of nonfiction”
Tony Stead and Linda Hoyt

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