BOE Space Issue PPT-July `2011

Danbury Board of Education
July 27, 2011
Space Challenges
Space Challenges for the FY 2011-2012
Three-Year Enrollment Increase: 2008 - 2010
2011 – 2012 Enrollment Projections
K-5 should remain at approximately 5,220. However, this is
258 (+5%) students over the enrollment projection by an
external demographer
6-8 will increase by approximately 70 students
2010 - 2011: 2,208
2011 - 2012: 2,279
9-12 should remain at approximately 2,890
39%: Students Who Move In and Out of Our Schools Annually
Average Annual Student Mobility Rate
Non Mobile
Class Size Targets for 2011 - 2012
6-8: 25/125
9-12: 25/125
2011-2012 targets
by grade clusters
K-1: 22
2-5: 25
Space Challenge Considerations
We are continuing to follow the recommendations
that were reviewed with the Board of Education
The greatest enrollment challenge as of today is at
grade three
The enrollment numbers are extremely volatile and
will continue to change daily
Our 39% mobility rate contributes to the
The professional demographers were not
completely accurate
REMEMBER– cutting below the cuts that were made last year.
Very Important
All other programs for students, parents
and staff and items related to the
operation and maintenance of the
• Address student support,
supplemental and extra curricular
programs, operations, supplies,
materials, equipment, adult
development, outreach, etc.
Top Priority
Initiatives required by law
• Maintain instructional programs
per state law 10-16b, implement
mandated programs, provide the
minimum programming for
graduation requirements and
meet contractual obligations
Mission Critical
The critical programs at the most basic
level of the Board's mission
• At all costs, maintain support for
reading, writing and mathematics
Budget Presentation Excerpts and Space Challenge Considerations
Place a moratorium on technology equipment
Delay graduation requirements
Reallocate existing staff and resources
wherever possible to meet basic operational
Continue to aggressively pursue cost
containment and saving measures
Space Challenge Considerations
Review of Space Study Recommendations to
address enrollment challenges
Review of Yellow and Red School Enrollment
Data challenge sheet
Review of Art and Music locations by school
Space Challenge Considerations
Space Challenge Considerations
Space Challenge Considerations
Space Challenge Considerations
Space Challenge Considerations: Short Term
Continue to monitor enrollments throughout the
summer with principals and secretaries
In situations in which there is already an
enrollment concern, e.g. Shelter Rock we will:
• Freeze permissive transfers
• Not allow that school to be a “receiving Choice
• Any new registrations will be assigned to a
“sister school” which has lower enrollment and
close proximity for a period of one year
Space Challenge Considerations: Long Term
Conduct a redistricting study in those schools
in which there is significant overcrowding and
make recommendation to the BOE by the first
Board Meeting in September 2011
In conjunction with the 2020 Committee
explore the use of MRI as either a third middle
school or a new K-5 school

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