Read to Achieve: Update - Union County Public Schools

Read to
Presented to Union County Board of Education
May 6, 2014
Carolyn White, Accountability Officer
Jane McNeely-Sowell, Interim Director of Elementary Ed.
Dr. John Jones, Instructional Programs
Portfolios and Alternative
 Began implementation in February, 2014.
 Portfolio is a teaching tool for instruction.
 Alternative Assessments:
 UCPS Submitted Proposal for Approval in
February, 2014.
 ClassScape Assessments, which are
aligned with the 12 instructional
standards, are offered to students.
End of Grade Test
 ALL third grade students will take the Ready EOG Reading test
during the last 10 days.
 Scores will be reported to teachers by LEA & parents will be
notified when scores are ready.
• Students who do not score proficient on the first Ready EOG
Reading test will be provided an opportunity to take the Read
to Achieve test.
• If the parents request, a retest of the Ready EOG test will be
• Students who do not score proficient on any of the above
tests will be invited to attend Summer Reading Camp unless
they meet a “good cause exemption.”
Good Cause Exemptions
Limited English Proficient with less than 2
years of instruction in an ESL program.
Students with Disabilities whose IEP
indicates the use of an alternative
assessment and reading interventions
(Extend 1 and Extend 2) .
Students who Demonstrate Proficient
through a Reading Portfolio
Students who have been Retained (more
than once in Kindergarten – 3rd).
Summer Camp
 Governed by “Read to Achieve Legislation”
 Currently:
 24 Days
 3 ½ Instructional Hours
 Four Days a Week
 Transportation Provided
 Meal Served
Curriculum & Instruction
 Research-based
 Differentiation
 Foundational Skill
 Whole group, Small
group, Individual
 Consistency w/ Teachers
 Standards-based lesson
 Expand vocabulary
 Develop oral language
comprehension skills
 Leveled reading
 Emphasis on
comprehension, critical
thinking and analysis
 Site Locations: Six Sites
Benton Heights School of Arts – Year Round Site
Fairview Elementary School
Poplin Elementary School
Rock Rest Elementary School
Rocky River Elementary School
Sandy Ridge Elementary School
Site Administrators to Be Selected
Students will attend sites based upon 2013-2014 Schools
Teachers (TBD)
EC Support
Transportation (TBD): Mr. Kingsberry
Cafeteria (TBD): Ms. Lamar
Summer Camp: Assessments
 Use all data points to place and monitor
 Portfolio
 Read to Achieve Test
 Personalized Education Plans (PEP)
 End of Grade Data
Parent Communication
 Invitations to Summer Camp
 Information on the Read to Achieve Law
 Provide Student Progress Reports
 Provide Proficiency Status
 Provide the LEA Attendance Policy
 Provide opportunities to translate documents
 Provide dates for all testing
 Provide ideas for parents to use at home
 Provide Parent Night prior to Summer Camp
Public / Private Partnerships
 Develop local procedures for accepting private partnerships with
organizations / private tutoring.
 Create documentation/official agreement form in advance.
 Develop documentation form between LEA and private organization
to document proof of support in reading other than summer camp.
 Identify procedures for students attending programs outside of LEA
summer camp.
 Provide date of End of Summer Read to Achieve test
 Students participating in private tutoring must take the Read to
Achieve test at the school site.
 Parents are responsible for the cost of private tutoring.
“Draft” Proposal
Traditional Calendar
 June 23 –August 7
 Staff Time:
7:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
 Student Time:
8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Year-Round Calendar
 June 12– July 23
 Staff Time:
7:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
 Student Time:
8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Next Year
By the Read to Achieve law, “students who do not demonstrate reading
proficiency…after completing a summer reading camp shall be retained
under C.S. 115C-83.1G(a) and provided with the instruction listed in
subsection (b).” Subsection “b”:
 teachers selected based on demonstrated student outcomes in reading
 accelerated reading classes or 3/4 transitional classes,
 90 minutes of daily uninterrupted research-based reading
 other appropriate instructional supports / services & interventions.
 The definition of a 3/4 transitional class is “a classroom specifically
designed to produce learning gains sufficient to meet fourth grade
performance standards while continuing to remediate areas of reading
deficiency.” By accountability standards, these students would be taught
4th grade standards and curriculum and take the 4th grade EOG.
Live Binder from DPI
(on-going changes)
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