RFP #R13-FHP0826 for Financial/HR/Payroll Software

RFP #R13-FHP0826 for Financial/HR/Payroll Software
Why did the WNYRIC decide to do an RFP now?
Preparing for the Future
WNYRIC currently supports 90 districts in Financial products
Finance Manager and WinCap will be phased out
Conversion of 90 districts - 4 to 6 years
WinCap purchased by Harris –
- adding NYS functionality to AptaFund
• AptaFund will be ready in 3-5 years
• WinCap pricing escalating annually
Finance Manager
• Finance Manager in process of converting to nVision
• Finance Manager website states end of life for legacy product
– 5 years
• Finance Manager is not enhancing legacy product
What districts want today…
• Anywhere, anytime access to the software for core users
(inclement weather, long-term illness, family needs)
- currently need district laptop, VPN and client software to work from
• Drill-down views from summary to detail data without running reports
• Customizable dashboards for quick check on important details
• Ease of import/export to assist in integration with other applications
• Easy to use report writer functionality
- create, save, share, edit, reuse custom reports
• Customizable workflow
-electronic approval processes for purchasing, receivables, timesheets
• Access to application from PCs, Macs, handheld devices with no additional
software installation
What districts want today…
• Employee self-service access to their own
paystub/direct deposit/calendar and fiscal year cumulative information
benefit information
leave time detail (sick, personal, vacation) and balances
printable W2s
• Employee self-service entry (with multi-level supervisory approval) to enter
benefits enrollment changes
personal information changes
W-4 changes
timesheet entries
leave time requests
The Process:
1. RFP sent to multiple vendors, including Finance Manager and Harris,
published in the Buffalo News and posted on Erie 1 BOCES website
Alio (Weidenhammer)
K12 (K12 Enterprises)
Infinite Visions (Tyler Technologies)
2. RFP committee formed
3. Document detailing the format for the upcoming demos sent to
responding vendors
4. Proof of concept demos scheduled –
held at E1B, webinars offered
all districts invited to attend in person or via webinar
demo format document sent to registrants for feedback purposes
Demo dates:
Weidenhammer (Alio) on Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Tyler Industries (Infinite Visions) on Thursday, September 26, 2013
K12 Enterprise (K12) on Tuesday, October 1, 2013
RFP Committee convened on October 8, 2013
5. Reviewed each software package and feedback documents
6. Reviewed vendor responses to the RFP functionality spreadsheet
Committee Decision#1: consensus of the committee - Infinite Visions not
suitable for their needs. Reasons: not a web application, missing much of
the functionality that the committee deemed important
Committee Decision#2: committee requested additional demonstration of
the two remaining products, Alio and K12 so that they had a clearer picture of
RFP committee reconvened on October 21 – second demo of Alio and K12
7. Straw vote at conclusion of demos- committee evenly split between the two
8. Determined that the committee needed time to process what they had seen
9. Rubric disseminated electronically to the committee members for – final
scoring of all three products.
Results/tally of rubric
Alio: 399
K12: 423
Infinite Visions: 159
RFP Award recommendation sent to the Erie 1 BOCES BOE
Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Recommendation: The WNYRIC has determined that both Alio and K12
products are viable alternatives for our school districts and we would
recommend awarding the RFP to both of these vendors.
Why two?
To allow our districts to decide which application will best meet their needs
What about nVision?
On October 29 and 30, 2013, WNYRIC and Finance Manager showed the nVision
product to our current Finance Manager customers
Conversion to nVision
• Districts will be migrating from a Progress database to a SQL database
- data needs to be scrubbed, reformatted for import to SQL platform
- tables, permissions and pay schedules need to be created
- all REQ to PO work and payrolls must be completed, all schedules closed
• Districts will be down for at least 2-3 days while the data extracts, reformatting,
and import to new application occur
Migration Costs
nVision software – no cost; software maintenance – slight increase
RIC hosted
In-district server
SQL licensing
SQL licensing
Citrix licensing
Citrix licensing
Hosting fee (increase)
SQL server / backup software
Technical support
Future plans
In December and January, WNYRIC will work with Alio and K12 to provide
multiple occurrences of webinar product demos and determine if there is
enough interest to support Alio, K12 and nVision
The WNYRIC needs to begin calendaring district conversions starting this year
with a “go live” date of July 1, 2014 and throughout the year.
Budgeting for the Future
5-year cost comparison
Our Goal
To assist districts in viewing each application supported by the WNYRIC financial
team so that they can decide on their next migration, based on the functionality
in the software that will take them well into the future
**We would strongly encourage districts not to wait until year 4 or 5
of this conversion plan**
Estimated pricing averaged over 5 year period
District sizes
n Vision
less than 400
less than 1000
less than 1500
less than 3000
less than 5000
less than 10,000

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