BOE-Theatre PPT.4.10.2012 (1)

The BVSD Curriculum
Essentials Document
Drama & Theatre Arts
Essential Questions:
1. How were the Drama & Theater Arts Curriculum Essentials
Documents written?
2. What is different with the new Standards & CEDs for Drama
& Theater Arts?
3. What does this mean for instruction in BVSD?
4. How is a Drama & Theatre Arts CED organized?
5. What transition resources and professional development
opportunities will be provided for teachers?
6. What will we need to consider regarding instructional
materials throughout the transition to the new CEDs?
How were the Drama & Theatre Arts Curriculum
Essentials Documents written?
• Teachers were paid to attend training and write the CEDs
• 3 hour training sessions + additional independent time to write CEDs
• Drafts for Drama & Theatre Arts courses were written
throughout the summer and during the fall and spring
• In the fall, community forums were offered to allow any
community member to see drafted documents and
provide feedback - Online options for those who could not
• Teachers and Director continued writing, revising &
finalizing CEDs.
What is different within the new Standards &
CEDs for Drama & Theatre Arts?
• Three standards instead of six
• Balanced emphasis on process & product
• Structure: Concepts and skills are more clearly
defined across grades. There is now a specific
learning trajectory of grade level expectations.
3 Drama & Theatre Arts Standards
Standard 1
• The creation of drama and theatre is a demonstration of learned skills in forming new
theatrical works, interpreting theatrical works for performance and design, and
developing characters and analyzing roles.
Standard 2
• The theatre process is a product of the knowledge and essential skills gained in the
study of theatre toward the expression of the human experience in story, movement,
speech, and staging for an intended audience.
Standard 3
Critically Respond:
• An informed literacy, ethical judgment, and cultural research are key aspects of theatre
arts study. Responding focuses on the artistic and scientific knowledge of conventions,
cultures, styles, genres, theories, and technologies needed to know better choices and
best practices.
A focus on both process & product
• Old:
– Theatre Model Content Standards presented a one-dimensional,
performance-based focus
• New:
– Drama emphasizes the importance of the creative process by
which students learn critical thinking skills, and theatre
emphasizes the performance or “product” aspect.
– Interconnectivity of theatre arts is emphasized. Students are to
apply understandings learned through drama & theatre to
society, culture, and lifestyle.
– Integrated use of digital tools for development of theatre works
Structure of the standards
• Old:
– Benchmarks of learning at grades 4, 8, and 12
• New:
– Specific Grade Level Expectations identified for
Preschool - 8th grade
– High school expectations are divided into
fundamental skills and extended skills
• Fundamental - theatre instruction for general
• Extended – specialized theatre instruction which is
more advanced and production-oriented as preparation
for college or a career in theatre
What does this mean for instruction in BVSD?
Teachers will provide more in-class opportunities for
students to…..
To use 21st Century technologies to create theatrical works
To develop sense of self and team while practicing the creative process for
performance, directing, design, construction, choreography, playwriting, and
To research, interpret, and appreciate theatrical works , theatre history, dramatic
structure, dramatic literature, elements of style, genre, artistic theory, script
analysis, and roles of theatre practitioners
To express drama and theatre arts skills in a variety of performances, including
plays, monologues, improvisation, purposeful movement, scenes, design, technical
craftsmanship, media, ensemble works, and public speaking
To make informed, critical evaluations of theatrical performance from an audience
member and a participant point of view, and develop a framework for making
informed theatrical choices
How is a Drama and Theatre Arts CED organized?
Please visit the documents at:
Literacy Department Website: Curriculum: Draft
CEDs pending BOE approval – Drama &
Theatre Arts
The Curriculum Essentials Document
Course: Play Production CED
– General State Introduction with Drama & Theatre Arts
Introduction (pp.1-12)
– Pk-12 Vertical Articulation of Standards, Prepared
Graduate Competencies, and GLEs (pp. 13-16)
– Course Overview (p. 17)
– Grade Level Expectations pages (pp. 18-30)
GLE Concepts and Skills
Evidence Outcomes
Inquiry Questions
Relevance and Application
Nature of the Discipline
– Course Glossary of terms (pp.31-33)
What transition resources and professional
development will be available for teachers?
Documents located on the BVSD Literacy-Drama & Theatre Arts webpage:
 The Colorado Drama & Theatre Arts Standards
 The BOE presentation ppt.
 Investigating websites for Drama & Theatre teachers to subscribe to for networking with
others within Colorado & Nation – models of units & lessons using the new standards
Professional Development:
 Spring 2012 District PD ½ day - April 20th
 School year 2012-13
• District PD mornings August 10th and 31st and April 19th
• Would like to schedule 2 hour long meetings, 2x per semester for Drama & Theatre
Arts teachers to meet to review new standards and CEDs, discuss performance
assessments and learning activities, and may design similar/common units of study
• Opportunities for BVD teachers to personally network with other Drama & Theatre
Arts teachers in neighboring districts
Needed: Materials for designing and
conducting performances

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