AV1611-The True Bible-714

Introduction -Presenter
John Doerr- Christian, Received Holy Ghost in 2006
-Uses true AV1611 as taught by Holy Ghost, not men. Horrific
near death tormenting/chastening, now a friend of Jesus Christ.
-Raised Roman Catholic
-Large ancestry of Jesuits and Jesuit educated
Catholics. Ancestor petitioned to get land for
Stephen Badin to establish Catholicism throughout
-Taught as a child that King James Bible is corrupt
and Reformers were Heretics. Taught that Rome
hates the 1611 bible and no salvation outside of
believing the Pope and church of Rome.
-Lived in a house with devils, had spiritual
encounters with evil entities.
-Well educated in Catholic Bibles and Doctrine (CCD
student) Two year review of 1611 vs 1769 KJV text.
-Executive professional background in Quality
Assurance, Document Control, medical, automotive,
and aerospace compliance. Proves all things.
-There is no quality control when it comes to the
bible other than the internal dross removal
systems built into the text. Men do not verify
revision changes, they trust in other men that
believe all bible scholars are honest spirit filled
believers who are just removing printing errors.
Molten silver purges dross (Psalm 12:6) Molten
Images, (the Spirit says they are counterfeit
scriptures) are of Babylon (Hab 2.)
David takes no armor into battle unless it is
proved (1 Sam 17:39.) You need the whole armor
of God to withstand the wiles of the devil (Eph
6:11.) God says the scripture cannot be broken!
(John 10:35, John 19:36)
Many Corrupt God’s Word-
What is the AV1611?
-Translation from Hebrew and Greek
completed in 1611.
-Contains Apocrypha (Wisdom of
Solomon) Catholics think it is canon.
-Song of Solomon describes the final
book of wisdom uniting all faiths
-Mark of the Beast setup on the drunk
Queen is correctly identified as “till She
please” in Song of Solomon 2:7
-Was not changed until after the death of
King James. Slayer of horse-leach is
Lucifer in Job 39:30.
Commonly Taught Reasons:
•Texts from Original Languages
(Hebrew and Greek.)
 Christian Translators of Highest
Competency Levels
 Proper Translation Techniques
 Relentless Persecution (Gunpowder
Plot, Threats to King James, Hatred
by Jesuits and Rome)
What is God’s Word in English:
•1 John 4-Must confess Jesus Christ is come in
the flesh or it is an antichrist
Rev 13-Mark of the beast must say “in” the
head or hand not “on.”
Song of Solomon 2:7 must end with “she
please.” Most hated text?
Must be translated from correct Hebrew and
Greek MSS preserved from the originals.
What is God’s Word in English:
•Let’s Review a brief history of
how we got the bible and how
Babylon attacks Israel. Refer to
Deuteronomy chapters 29 to 32.
See also Revelation chapters 17
and 18.
What is God’s Word in English:
 Mat 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false
prophets, and shal shew great signes and wonders:
insomuch that (if it were possible,) they shall deceiue
the very elect.
 Today we see some false Christs and prophets (Song
2:7, Job 39:30, etc,) that have caused a spirit of slumber
in the Christian churches (see Mat 25:5 and Romans
Many Corrupt God’s Word-
What is commonly called the AV1611?
-AV1611 text revised multiple
times, notably in 1769 by a Roman
Catholic text subscribing man
named Benjamin Blayney.
-Does not contain the Apocrypha
(Wisdom of Solomon)
-Mark of the Beast setup on the
drunk Queen is not correctly
identified , changed to “he please”
in Song of Solomon 2:7
-Several changes against correct
Hebrew. Punctuation, spelling,
and capitalization destroy
How Do the Prophets Prophesy if the scripture
(circuit) is broken? John 10:35, Eccl 1:6
John 10:35 …the Scripture cannot be broken
Eccl 1:6 …the winde returneth againe according to his
Rome’s Counter Reformation
Circa 33 AD Jesus Christ died for
The sins of the world
Rome and Israel kill Jesus Christ
Holy Ghost moves prophets to record God’s Word
(NT) into Koine Greek.
Alexandrian scholarship corrupts Word. Septuagint
created BC (Eze 8)
1380’s RC Wycliffe Translates Jeromes Latin into
English for common people
1400’s Burn Wycliffe’s Bones, declare him anathema
1415 RC Jan Huss “In 100 years God will
raise up a man whose calls for reform
will not be surpressed. “
Kills Huss at stake
1517 RC Luther nailed his 97 thesis to
door against Rome. Translated bible
into German.
Luther excommunicated in 1520
1527 RC Tyndale translates NT from Koine Greek
received text.
1535 Burned at stake in Vilvoorde, Belgium.
1500’s Coverdale, Great, Geneva, and Bishops bible
Jesuit Rheims follows in 1610. Rapture defined as a
physical escape.
1611 Authorized bible in English from 47 man seven
year effort
Gunpowder plot, revise 1611 bible. King James
under constant attack, guards sleep in his bed-Gay
Rome’s Counter Reformation
1611 bible is proof of underlying Hebrew and Greek
texts, trusted as God’s Word.
1611 Alternate bible produced at Cambridge with
corruptions-Song 2:7, et al.
1625 King James Dies and son Charles takes throne
Alexandrian scholarship corrupts Word. Septuagint
given to England as a gift in 1629 (Alexandrinus MS)
William Laud rises in power as Archbishop of
1640’s Charles Executed for treason (married
Catholic and dissolved Parliament) Laud executed
for popery.
Planned attack on bible 1629, 1638 revisions start
text evolution with subtlety.
Cromwell and others take control of England
Jesuit Infiltration on a large scale
1700’s Identify 1611 bible as Gods Word
Pope MSS loving Blayney 1769 text perceived as
KJV,Jesuits infiltrate Christian Churches and
institutions of learning on a massive scale.
Rome’s Counter
1800’s Identify 1611 bible as Gods Word
Blayney 1769 text perceived as KJV
Jesuits infiltrate Christian Churches.
Tischendorf meets with Pope
1800’s Identify 1611 bible as Gods Word
Blayney 1769 text perceived as KJV
Jesuits infiltrate Christian Churches.
Tishendorf discovers Sinaiticus MS in Egypt.
1800’s Identify 1611 bible as Gods Word
Blayney 1769 text perceived as KJV
Jesuits infiltrate Christian Churches.
Wescott and Hort re-write bible using Tischendorf’s
text as a basis. Revised Version promoted as an
update to the 1611 bible. Strong makes ASV.
1900’s Identify 1611 bible as Gods Word
Blayney 1769 text perceived as KJV
Jesuits infiltrate Christian Churches.
Vatican 2 spreads Westcott and Horts Papal bibles to
the world. NIV, NLT, NASB, etc.
1900’s Identify 1611 bible as Gods Word
Rome’s Counter
Prominent Independent Baptist and pillars of the so
called Blayney KJV community rise in respect and
influence in Christian churches.
Bob Jones founds a university. He publicly condemns
Rome but privately advances the Vatican MSS
through his work on the ASV and Amplified text. He
is a Vatican Masonic Knight of Pythias like his fellow
professing Baptist Nelson Rockefeller.
John Rice Founds Sword of the Lord. He is a Vatican
Freemason and promotes the Vatican MSS as
improvers upon the Word of God while lauding the
Blayney KJV text. Mentors Jack Hyles whose Son in
law lauded the Pope as a godly man. Hyles first
president of HA University Robert Billings came
from a Catholic MSS lauding quorum. Hyles uses
Romes apologetics extensively (Scofield, Rapture,
Rome’s Counter
21st century Identify 1611 bible as Gods Word
Blayney 1769 text perceived as KJV
Jesuits infiltrate Christian Churches.
Almost all semanaries and places of learning have
Jesuit influence. Most of the Few Christians cannot
count the number of the beast, identify the name of
the final antichrist, understand the abomination of
desolation and what the mark of the beast is. These
are shown in multiple places in the 1611 bible which
has been replaced by the Pope’s KJV. God clearly
states that those with understanding can
count the number of the beast and recognize
the abomination of desolation.
21st century Identify 1611 bible as Gods Word
United Nations keeps calling for an international
prayer book. Soon will release for the purpose of
peace. This is called Wormwood the Abomination of
Desolation in the AV1611.
So then, Why Should We Believe the
Authorized Bible of 1611 ?
 John 15:26 But when the Comforter is come, whom I wil send
vnto you from the Father, euen the Spirit of trueth, which
proceedeth from the Father, hee shall testifie of me.
 1 John 2:27 But the anointing which ye haue receiued of him,
abideth in you: and yee need not that any man teach you: But,
as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is trueth,
and is no lye: and euen as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in
 John 10:27 My sheepe heare my voyce, and I know them, and
they follow me.
Spiritual Reasons:
•Holy Ghost Testifies to God’s Word (John 15,
1 John 2)
Dross Removal is Built into God’s Word
 Only the True Received Text Contains
spiritual prophecies (mark of beast,
antichrist, wormwood)
 Chastening, New Tongues, Drinking Deadly
Things Without Harm only in Received Texts.
 All Critical (Corrupted) Texts are of Babylon
God’s Word
Thus Saith the Lord…
• Psalm 138:2 I will worship towards thy holy temple, and praise thy name, for thy
louing kindnesse and for thy trueth: for thou hast magnified thy word
aboue all thy name.
Mat 24:35 (Mark 13:31, Luke 21:33) Heauen and earth shall passe away,
but my wordes shall not passe away.
Psalm 12:6 The wordes of the Lord are pure wordes: as siluer tried in a fornace
of earth purified seuen times. 7 Thou shalt keepe them, (O Lord,) thou
shalt preserue them, from this generation for euer.
Mat 4:4 (see also Luke 4:4) But he answered, and said, It is written, Man shall not
liue by bread alone, but by euery word that proceedeth out of the mouth
of God.
Prov 30:5 Euery word of God is pure: he is a shield vnto them that put their
trust in him.
Many Corrupt God’s Word
Thus Saith the Lord…
Joel 1:4 That which the palmer worme hath left, hath the locust eaten; and that which the
locust hath left, hath the canker-worme eaten; and that which the canker-worme hath left,
hath the caterpillar eaten.
Amos 8:11 Behold, the daies come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land,
not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord.
2 Cor 2:17 For wee are not as many which corrupt the word of God: but as of sinceritie,
but as of God, in the sight of God speake we in Christ.
Isa 44:10 Who hath formed a God, or moulten a grauen image that is profitable for nothing?
Jer 10:14 Euery man is brutish in his knowledge, euery founder is confounded by the
grauen image: for his moulten image is falsehood, and there is no breath in them.
Mat 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shal shew great signes
and wonders: insomuch that (if it were possible,) they shall deceiue the very elect.
Church of Satan-Babylon
• Babylon, Identity and Actions (Egypt, Tyrus, Sodom,
Ninevah, …Rome)
• Spiritually a City and Country (Rev 11: 8)on seven hills
(Rev 17 and 18)
• Vatican only fits this description
• Focuses on righteous Acts (see Rev 19:8), Justification in
the flesh (Look at me Lord, I am doing well!)
 Crowned Locusts (Nah 3:17, Rev 9:7) Corrupting the
Bible, eating up almost all the spiritual food.
 Deceives All Nations, Devil deceives World
Many Corrupt God’s Word-
Do Word Changes Make a Difference?
-AV1611 Behemoth is Lucifer cloaked in a parable of an elephant.
Every verse in Job 40 is a cross reference to other verses about
Lucifer. Lucifer is the slayer of the horse-leach. KJV users typically
think Behemoth is a dinosaur or hippo by reason of Rome.
-AV1611 Leviathan is Lucifer’s antichrist in the flesh and is cloaked
in a parable of a dragon/whale/hart/lion. Every verse in Job 41 is a
cross reference to other verses about the Pope/antichrist. KJV
users typically think Leviathan is a dinosaur or crocodile by reason
of Rome.
-AV1611 Song of Solomon is about the building of the abomination
of desolation. Solomon interacts with the drunk Whore of Babylon
and their consummation (see Dan 9) results in wormwood, the book
of wisdom. KJV users typically think it is love poetry or an allegory
of Christ and His Church.
Many Corrupt God’s Word-
Do Word Changes Make a Difference?
-AV1611 The Lily of the Valley in the Song of Solomon is the Queen
of Babylon. Other verses of scripture identify this. KJV users
typically identify the Lily as Jesus Christ by reason of Rome. (See
word change)
-AV1611 Jerusalem is placed into a tribulation wine press which is
cited throughout scripture. Many KJV users believe Jerusalem is
removed from the earth before tribulation. Rome creates the word
rapture and many prominent Vatican MSS subscribers promote pretrib. (LaHaye, Jenkins, Bob Jones, John Rice, CI Scofield)
-AV1611 Mark of the Beast is a spiritual mark caused from a verbal
oath that wormwood is the Word of God. Many KJV users are not
sure what the mark of the beast is but speculate on theories of
tattoos, stamps, chips, and other literal marks by reason of Rome.
Vatican Removing God’s Word from Scripture:
Matthew 17:21 Howbeit, this kind goeth not out, but by
prayer and fasting. Acts 8:37 And Philip said, If thou beleeuest with all
thine heart, thou mayest. And he answered, and said, I beleeue that
Iesus Christ is the Sonne of God. Mark 11:26 But if you doe not
forgiue, neither will your Father which is in heauen, forgiue your
trespasses. Matthew 23:14 Woe vnto you Scribes and Pharisees,
hypocrites; for yee deuoure widowes houses, and for a pretence make
long prayer; therefore ye shall receiue the greater damnation. Matthew
18:11 For the sonne of man is come to saue that which was lost.
NAB Not included, Douay Rheims includes but Vatican changes mind after
Tischendorf meets with Pope and Aleph LXX discovered in 1800’s
Many Corrupt God’s Word-
Who Loves Blayney’s Work on the AV1611?
Bruce Metzger-Top Protestant Scholar and friend of Rome
-Bruce Metzger describes the Blayney
version as "the most careful and
comprehensive revision" that came to be
known as the "Authorized Version".
Blayney's 1769 revision produced the text
that is used by most publishers of the KJV
today. (This is explained in Bruce Metzger's
article on "Translations" in The Oxford
Companion to the Bible, edited by Bruce M.
Metzger and Michael D. Coogan, New York:
Oxford University Press, 1993, page 759760.)
-Strangely, Metzger writes in the intro of
several modern bibles (eg: RSV) that the
KJV has “grave defects”
-Friend and co-worker of Jesuit Martini
Many Corrupt God’s Word-
Visible Head of the Invisible Church of Satan
(Leviathan), Pope, Prince of Babylon, See Job 41, Ezekiel 28, 29, 32, Jonah
-Satan Masquerades as an Angel of
Light, Followers too (2 Cor 11)
-Out of his mouth go false bibles
(Job 41:19, Rev 8:10) Deceives
-Wants you to believe he is a
crocodile or an unknown beast, this
is what he teaches. (Has it
-Salutes Satan by forming Satan’s
Ox head with his hands.
-Solomon as Leviathan will Sell
Final Bible Abomination to the
World. (Song of Solomon, Rev 13)
Many Corrupt God’s Word-
Visible Head of the Invisible Church of Satan
(Leviathan), Pope, Prince of Babylon, See Job 41, Ezekiel 28, 29, 32
-Reigns over the Kings of the earth (Rev
17:18) All bow to Pope.
-Out of his mouth go false bibles (Job
41:19, Rev 8:10) Graham, Nixon,
Zondervan, UN Catholic Rob Muller
planetary prayer book.
-Wants you to believe aliens are not Satan
and fallen angels. Adds aliens to his
bibles after Vatican 2.
-Promotes evolution.
-(UN’s or equivalent) Solomon as
Leviathan will Sell Final Bible
Abomination to the World.
Many Corrupt God’s Word-
Jesuit Priest Cardinal Martini
(Rev 9:3, Nah 3)
Modified and approved text on all modern Bibles
-Friend and member of
NU/UBS text committee
-Swore an Oath to take all
lands for the Pope.
- Protestant UBS Friend
Bruce Metzger says King
James Bible has grave defects
but lauds Blayney’s KJV work.
-Roman Catholic
Many Corrupt God’s Word-
Jesuit Oath
“Become as them for the Pope”
Superior speaks:
My son, heretofore you have been taught to act the
dissembler: among Roman Catholics to be a Roman
Catholic, and to be a spy even among your own brethren; to
believe no man, to trust no man. Among the Reformers, to
be a reformer; among the Huguenots, to be a Huguenot;
among the Calvinists, to be a Calvinist; among other
Protestants, generally to be a Protestant, and obtaining their
confidence, to seek even to preach from their pulpits, and to
denounce with all the vehemence in your nature our Holy
Religion and the Pope; and even to descend so low as to
become a Jew among Jews, that you might be enabled to
gather together all information for the benefit of your Order
as a faithful soldier of the Pope.
Many Corrupt God’s Word
Eph 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye
may be able to stand against the wiles of the deuill.
 Rome’s Tactics on Authorized Version
 Revise Authorized Version, change words, punctuation,
spelling, capitalization to align with Leviathan’s Lamps per
Job 41:19.
 Remove Apocrypha, destroy discernment of Rome
 Create Confusion by flooding market with countless
versions. Teach theology in seminaries. Scholarship, no
Holy Ghost as teacher.
 Masquerade as Christian Scholars and Pastors to cast doubt
and promote all new versions after 1611 including revised
Blayney KJV.
Former Witch Now Christian
Bill Schnoebelen
Former Vampire, Catholic Priest, Church of Satan Member,
Illuminati Member, Witch, 90th Degree Freemason, Mormon
-Says you must be a Catholic Priest to be
a Satanic Priest in visible Church of Satan.
-Occult power stripped by Prayer of a Saint
-Illuminated in occult ceremony by Lucifer
-Real Vampire with shape shifting fangs,
lived on only blood and communion hosts.
-Multiple Attacks on his life, demolecularized through tractor trailer when
calling on Jesus Christ during an attempt
on his life.
-Jesuits founded Masonry, (Masonic
Oath similar to Jesuit and Witch Oath.)
-His Christian testimony and lesson on
KJV led John Doerr to AV1611.
-Rome deceives Protestants through
various tactics/people. Los Alumbrados!
Many Corrupt God’s Word-
Visible Church of Satan Members
Mock all Bibles, wrote their own Satanic Bible
-Lavey and Manson raised under Catholic
influence (Manson’s Dad was Catholic.
Manson claims he was raised Christian)
-T-Shirt shows Pope’s Hand Sign of Satan’s
-Would you buy a bible (KJV) if they
published it?
-Rome controlled Harper Collins (Satanic
Bible) owns Zondervan (prints NIV and
what is called KJV)
-Profess a hatred of Christianity
-Profess a disbelief in both God and Satan
Many Corrupt God’s Word-
Transformed to Ministers of Righteousness?
Were these Men deceived?
2 Cor 11:
14 And no marueile, for
Sathan himselfe is
transformed into an Angel
of light.
15 Therefore it is no great
thing if his ministers also
bee transformed as the
ministers of
righteousnesse, whose end
shall be according to their
Many Corrupt God’s Word-
Babylon’s Giving to the Churches
“20 to 30 million dollars to the Baptist Church through JD Rockefeller
Alone!” Cardinal Mercier met in New York to thank Rockefeller for help in
Many Corrupt God’s Word-
Roman Catholic Bishop Fulton Sheen
First Televangelist-Recruited Billy Graham for Leviathan
-Met with Billy Graham on a
train in 1944
-Recipient of Mercier Award.
-Big Player in further
destruction of Bible and Faith
Many Corrupt God’s Word-
Billy Graham
Beloved Baptist Televangelist-Recruited by Fulton Sheen and
promoted by Catholic William Randolph Hearst for Leviathan
-Met with Roman Catholic
Fulton Sheen on a train in
-Promotes many new
versions, was key in launching
the Roman Catholic leaning
NKJV Lamp of Leviathan.
-Beloved by Protestants,
Catholics, and World Leaders
-Big Player in further
destruction of Bible and Faith.
Modern day Simon the
-No record he ever used the
Many Corrupt God’s Word-
James Strong (L) and Cyrus Scofield
Beloved Protestants-Strong’s Concordance and Lexicon widely used to
interpret bibles. Scofield’s bible is very famous and popular among
Protestants. Scofield and Strong still are lauded by Blayney KJV
-Both men believed that Rome’s
text was equal to or superior to
the received text.
-Scofield (supported by alleged
Jesuit Jacob Schiff) further altered
KJV which disguised the mark of
the beast and Wisdom of
Solomon. Ex Wife Catholic.
-Both used apologetics for biblical
interpretation which often followed
the teachings of Rome.
-Strong assisted Philip Schaf
(Both Pope and Jesuit Admirer) in
launching Rome’s ASV on the
United States.
Many Corrupt God’s Word-
Bob Jones Sr.
Well known Independent Baptist.
-Apparently thought that Rome’s text
was equal to or superior to the received
text. (NAS, Amplified, Blayney KJV)
-Sat on the (Jesuit approved text)
Amplified Bible’s editorial committee.
-Used apologetics for biblical
interpretation which followed the
teachings of Rome.
-Connected to fellow alleged
Freemasons like Billy Graham and
Strom Thurmond. Jesuit law school
graduate sits on advisory board at BJU.
Good friend John Rice founded SOTL.
--Bob Sr. and BJU both condemns and
welcomes Rome and uses her bibles
along with what is called the KJV.
--No record of having ever used the
AV1611, Bob IV Notre Dame for PhD
Many Corrupt God’s WordJohn Rice
-Founder-Sword of the Lord
-Promotes the Vatican and Sinatic
manuscripts as correctors of the KJV.
-Says Schaff and Strongs (Rome’s) ASV
corrects KJV in places.
--Friends of alleged Masons Billy
Graham (later split then reconciled), and
Bob Jones. Lauds CI Scofield’s work.
Jones and Scofield remain as great men
of God on the Sword’s website today.
-Attended Masonic Baylor University and
Jesuit friendly Rockefeller’s University of
Chicago. Dad was a Mason and
-No evidence of having used the AV1611
Many Corrupt God’s WordLeo Hindery
-Controlled Thomas
Nelson Publishing before
sale to Harper Collins
Rev 18:3…the Merchants of the earth
are waxed rich thorow the abundance of
her delicacies.
-SOUTHWICK: What gave you the
ambition to go from sort of blue collar
jobs to wanting to become, I guess, a
HINDERY: Lots of demons, lots of devils
that have always caused me to want to
succeed. I was blessed with some
intellect, some intellectual curiosity as
well, that just drove me. A lot of my early
influences came from the Jesuits. I was
Jesuit trained at both the high school
level and at college, and that was a
discipline and an environment that sort
of forced you to excel, rewarded you for
excellence, gave you this intellectual
curiosity, and I always knew that I
wanted to be something special.
-Thomas Nelson owns copyright on the
NKJV. Gladly prints what is called the
Many Corrupt God’s WordRupert Murdoch
-Controls Zondervan
Publishing through
Harper Collins.
Rev 18:3… the Merchants of the earth
are waxed rich thorow the abundance of
her delicacies.
-Catholic Knight
-Zondervan owns copyright on NIV.
Publishes many versions including what
is called the KJV. Even the AV1611!!!
--Admits to attending Catholic Church at
times. Former Wife was Catholic.
--Owns HarperCollins publisher of
Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey.
Do Jesuits and Rome Affect Christian Churches?
Dr. Jack Schaap
-Former Pastor, First Baptist Church of Hammond
-Does not think there is a
reason to use the AV1611
because the current KJV is
fine. No one uses AV1611.
- Says ”Pope is a godly man
and a man of God” Although
professes that he has
differences with Catholicism.
-Thinks Leviathan is a
crocodile or other unknown
-Seminary trained. No proof
he is a Jesuit, just
brainwashed by them.
Q: Why Does This Matter?
A: Because God’s Word is True and in English, and an Oath
will be Said (Swearing to Wormwood Bible)
-Final Bible called Burning Lamp, Flying Roll,
Sword, Cup of Red Wine, Wormwood, Image of
the Beast
-Mark of the Beast is a verbal oath
Ephesians 6:11 Put on the whole
armour of God, that ye may be
able to stand against the wiles of
the deuill..
1 Samuel 17:39 And Dauid girded
his sword vpon his armour, and he
assayed to goe, for he had not
proued it: and Dauid said vnto Saul,
I cannot goe with these: for I haue
not proued them. And Dauid put
them off him.
Rev 22:16… I am the roote and
the offspring of Dauid, and the
bright and morning starre.

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