School Club Panel - American Red Cross Youth

Building a Strong Youth
Presence in your Community
via Red Cross Clubs
Presented by National Youth
Presenters for this session:
 Francesca Weaks
 Chanell Autrey
 Learn the purpose and structure of Red
Cross Clubs.
 Educate on resources and revitalize,
Red Cross Clubs.
 Gain an understanding of where our
clubs are at.
 Maximize Red Cross Clubs Presence
and enhance the impact.
What are Red Cross Clubs?
 Clubs that provide a means for students
to offer Red Cross-related services to
their school populations as well as their
local communities.
What do they do?
 Disaster services
 Health and Safety Activities and
 Biomedical and Blood Services
 International Services
 Service to Armed Forces
 Community Service Projects
How are they organized?
Levels of School Clubs
Middle School
High School
Universities and Community Colleges
Can I Start a Red Cross Club ?
Why should you have a Red
Cross Club?
Leadership Skills
Volunteer/ Community Service
Where are School Clubs Today?
 Brainstorm for two minutes and write
down a question that you would like
answered about school clubs?
Contact Us
 [email protected]
 Other Presenter
 Chanell Autrey- NYC Member
 Francesca Weaks-NYC Member
 Cathy Balzer- Martin County Youth
Volunteer Specialist
 Lena Manek – President, University of
Central Florida Red Cross
Discussion Topics
Recruiting Members
Service Project Ideas
Marketing and Advertising

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