Osteoporosis Case Study

What you will do today…
-Define osteoporosis and its general effects on
the body.
-Discuss some of the risk factors for osteoporosis
A Case Study of Marissa, Jeremy, and
Individual Brainstorming
“I’ve always been told that drinking milk is
important for strong, healthy bones. I
understand that this is important because….”
What is osteoporosis?
• Calcium is continually added to bone from
about the third trimester of pregnancy into
early adulthood; from then on, calcium will
gradually be lost from the bones because
bone forming processes slow down
What is osteoporosis?
• If this calcium loss is accelerated in a person,
then they have osteoporosis. Their bones
become very porous, fragile, and brittle.
Scenario A: Marisa
Scenario B: Jeremy
Scenario C: Eleanor
Risk Factors for Osteoporosis
Being over the age of 50
Being female
Low estrogen or testosterone
A family history of fractures or low
bone density
Smaller than average stature
Excess alcohol consumption
Heavy metal exposure
Excess sodium, caffeine, or protein
Soft drinks containing phosphoric acid (most of them do)
Some medications
Treatment of Osteoporosis
• A specialized x-ray
machine can detect the
amount of calcium in
the bones through a
bone mineral density
test (BMD)
• Treatment includes diet
changes, exercise, and

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