Robert Bender

Principal as Leader
May 9, 2012
Robert Bender
P.S. 11
New York City Department of Education
P.S. 11 William T. Harris School
 Received a letter grade A on NYC Progress Report for the last three
years. (Based on student performance and progress and NYC Learning
Environment Survey)
Received highest rating on NYC Quality Review (Well-Developed)
In last 7 years enrollment has increased from 430 students to over 700
Ethnicity percentages have remained steady. Approximately 60% of
students are Black and/or Hispanic and approximately 40% are White.
Last year over 68% of students qualified for free or reduced lunch. This
year only 38% qualified.
16% of students receive Special Education Services.
Shaping a vision of academic success
for all students
“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim to high and we
miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” Michelangelo
 Teachable Point of View (TPOV). Every student must
be given the opportunity to shine and be celebrated as often
as possible.
 Create Opportunities for Success: Differentiated
programming and instruction, individual student goals,
enrichment programs.
Creating a climate hospitable to
Student and Teacher Scheduling: extended lunches,
common planning time, daily schedules with large blocks
of instruction, reduce interruptions.
 Hierarchy of Needs for both Students and Staff
 Parent, Staff and Student feedback: PTA, School
Leadership Teams, teachers professional development
(choice), Grade meetings, Learning Environment Survey,
Parent workshops and surveys, student council.
 Principal as Teacher: demo lessons, office as a learning
Cultivating leadership in others
 Sharing leadership opportunities: Different models of
 Leadership programs
 Mentorships
 Releasing leadership
Improving instruction and managing
 Danielson Frameworks : Developing a common language for
reflection and improvement and allowing teachers to have a voice
in their own growth.
Teacher Designed Projects: Using SMART (Strategic,
Measurable, Rigorous and Time bound) goals to create individual
teaching projects, based on student outcomes.
Conversation vs. Observation: Give teachers a voice in their
Transparent and Timely Feedback: Honesty and transparency
are key to seeing immediate response.
Ability to Receive Feedback and Take Action: School
leaders must be as able to receive and act on feedback.
Data and processes to foster school
 Teachers are Doctors of Learning: A great teacher must
be able to analyze, treat and respond.
Scheduled collection of student data: The collection
and review of data should be scheduled, formal and
Grade level and cross grade Inquiry Groups: Teams of
teachers working together to find a “cure” for gaps in
Literacy and Math coaches: Strategically analyze data
and trends in order to inform professional development.
Data Specialist: One person with a focus on school data.

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