Reading Synoptic Charts

A Synoptic Chart Explained
Features of a Synoptic Chart
Predicting the weather
 Examine the first weather map on the next slide and
 Where the high and low pressure systems are
 How close the isobars are together (an indication of
wind speed)
 The direction of wind
 The presence of absence of rain
Weather Map 1: 2/3/11
Predicting the weather
 Examine the second map to see
 Where the pressure systems are centred and how or
where they have moved
 Whether the pressure systems have intensified or not
 Changes in wind direction
 Changes in the pattern of rain
Weather Map 2: 4/3/11
Predicting the weather
 Based upon the changes you have seen what
predictions can you make about the 5/3/11?
 Once you have made your predictions use the BOM
website to find out if you were correct.
Tropical Cyclone ‘Yasi’ 1/2/11
Tropical Cyclone ‘Yasi’ 2/2/11
Tropical Cyclone ‘Yasi’ 3/2/11
Tropical Cyclone ‘Yasi’ 4/2/11
Tropical Cyclone ‘Yasi’ 1/2/11 –
 Click on the BOM website link below to discover more
about this recent tropical cyclone

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