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presented by
Animagineer, estd 1997
independent film production and
distribution company run by
brothers Amlan & Anirban Datta
4 international co-productions in
last 6 years, all critically acclaimed
3 National Awards
alternative programming
initiative of PVR Cinemas to
support the theatrical release
of critically acclaimed,
independent films.
an international film made in India
Funded by two most
prestigious institutions
Co-produced with one of the world’s leading broadcasters
Pitched at
the largest documentary pitching forum in the world
Mixed & Mastered in London in association with
Creativity Media (UK)
rating 8.9
Festivals & Awards:
World Premier IDFA, Amsterdam’11
Cinema Of Resistance Award SIGNS, Kerala‘12
Nominated TRT Documentary Awards, Istanbul’12
Opening Film Persistence Resistance, New Delhi’12
Special Mention Award Mumbai International Film Fest (MIFF)’12
Rajat Kamal, Best Ethnographic Film 59th Indian National Film Awards
Special Prize of International Jury 26th Pärnu International Documentary and
Anthropology Film Festival, Estonia’12
from the edge of the world…
‘The most relevant film of today’s time…’
– Anurag Kashyap
Hidden in the mountains of the Himalayas,
Malana was like a lost world. A reticent
community fostering a primitive existence
in harmony with nature and harbouring their
own unique model of democracy of consensus
where they do select and not elect!
They have also been producing some of
the best quality hashish.
A real life story of transition; an ancient
civilization being invaded and obliterated
by the modern democracy. Narrated in an
epic structure, a visual essay from the edge
of the world with a universal message of
trust, peace and eternal unity.
critical controversial courageous
‘I went for an ancient democracy and world’s best hashish
but what silently pulled me towards Malana was my destiny.’
Amlan Datta
A graduate of Film & Television Institute of India
(FTII), Pune. Has been making films as an
independent filmmaker and producer under
production company Animagineer with his
brother Anirban. They have been conferred
Indian National Film Awards thrice.
‘Bom’ is his first feature length film.
His last film ‘Cockadoodle Do’ was premiered
in prestigious Berlinale in 2008.
created news everywhere it went
…the documentary never reeks of partisanship, with all
points of view represented equitably. …a rare sensitivity to
the matter at hand, Bom ... Turns into compelling cinema.
The 40-year-old director
hopes that the government
will make special sanctions
for the people of Malana,
who along with their
sovereignty have lost their
means to a livelihood.
‘One of the best documentaries I have seen in a while’ – Subhra Gupta
Very few Indian documentaries concentrate
so much on visual narrative.
Stunning…breaks the boundaries of the documentary form in a way…
National recognition for the film is a victory not just
for Datta but for the simple people of Malana.
‘BOM’ is a poignant, thought-provoking film.
Watch it and get enlightened.
not just a film… a life
The Kanashi dialect, declared endangered
by UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages,
may soon get a new lease of life…
(Established in 2009, registered in 2010 under Indian Trust Act 1882)
Amlan founded a non-profit enterprise initiating several
social welfare projects from adopting children, spreading
education & awareness to developing alternative means of
sustenance for the Brothers of Malana.
Bom Ley Exotic homemade fruit preserves from wild berries
Bom Chic Hi-fashion clothes and accessories from hand-spun
hand-woven wool and sheep leather from Malana
Bom Bud Social reform and rehabilitation for women and children
Bom Wall Revitalization of language Kanashi & cultural preservation
Bom Bom is supported by philanthropic contribution from
its ever growing volunteers and well wishers
… The movie stops with an open debate for its
viewers but Amlan's journey is still on. He has been
helping many villagers take to alternative practices,
so that their dependence on hash trade goes down.
Part of the earnings from the film release goes into funding
projects of Bom Bom
For more info
Wake up to BOM
A unique democratic campaign
Click to watch citizens speak
Do you Vote?
Do you think cannabis should be legalized?
Why do you think people should watch BOM?
Wake up, speak up, express your views… Wake up to BOM
opening the debate to academic institutions and popular news channels
inviting you to be a part of BOM
We will place your logos in the acknowledgements, at the start and
at the end of the film.
We will place your logos on all in-cinema posters &
marketing materials positioned throughout PVR Cinemas & outdoor spaces.
We will place your logos on our facebook page, publicly thank you for your contribution &
provide links to your facebook pages.
We have an interactive website with forums and comments pages frequently visited by our audience.
We will place your logos on on our website and provide links to your sites.
and you can help BOM with
We are looking for a contribution of
` 25,000
` 50,000
` 1,00,000
Title Sponsor
Presence in all in-cinema publicity materials
Presence in our facebook page
Presence in our website
5 complementary tickets to the first show
& Bom Bom ‘gift of love’
Presence in the thanks page at the end of the film
BOM Chic ‘gift of love’
& All of above
Presence in the starting acknowledgements of the film
Special invitation to an ethnographic trip to Malana with the director
& All of above
Become a media partner of BOM. Write about BOM and how your audience can see it..
Be a part of our ‘Wake up to Bom’ campaign. Take the debate forward. Feature us on your TV shows.
Let us place a little promotion of the film in your media.
Presence in the film (starting acknowledgements & thanks page)
Presence in all publicity materials
Presence in our facebook page
Presence in our website
merchandise with a social cause
and help them study
Rajkumari and Rajesh, two angels from Malana didn’t know how to hold a pencil till Bom-Bom adopted
them in 2010. Inspired by their drawings Bom-Bom created Bom Tee - a designer range of Tee-shirts &
Canvas Bags as merchandise of BOM. Your contribution helps in supporting their education.
(more info
tells you a story
a story of hope
a story of aspiration…
created with joy
crafted with confidence
narrated with care
` 1,00,000
your Logo in 500 Tee-shirts or
your Logo in 300 canvas bags
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