why spectrum?

Bård Bie-Larsen
Why a standard?
Context: the Ministry of Culture has asked the Arts Council for a
broader plan for collections management in norwegian museums.
We believe a comprehensive standard will support such a plan and
contribute to:
│increased knowledge of, and attention to collections management
│a common understanding of challenges and tasks in the museums
│improve the quality of practical work being done in museums
│better documentation
│better museum software
│easier access to relevant information on collections management
Why choose
│It already exists!
│It is in use, has been tested and is continuously developed
│It is maintained by in an active organization, Collections Trust
│There is a partner program and cooperation on further development
│SPECTRUM has an international community of users
│It is linked to accreditation, benchmarks etc.
│SPECTRUM compliancy serves as a guarantee for quality museum software
Who will benefit?
… and how?
Main target group: museum leaders and
professionals because
│a standard makes life more predictable – from job descriptions to software
│easier to plan, monitor and document museum work
│easier to define need for resources and prioritize
│information and resources on collections management at hand for professionals
│possible to communicate experiences with a common reference
│easier to exchange competence and knowledge when everybody “speaks the same
│documentation is readable across institutions – enables coordinated collecting
the Arts Council
│statistics and reports based on common understanding of prosedures and
documentation – gives solid basis for measurements
│stable framework for information and resources on our web site
│provides ready referencees and requirements for different projects we fund
│provides a theoretical framework for training, courses, education
│provides common ground for cooperation with other countries
museum software developers
│provides descriptions of workflow in museums – ready to be implemented in CMS
│provides well defined and described information elements required in documentation
│has a system of testing and approving CMSs
│is LIDO compatible
│third party developers gets access to information definitions – easier to make apps(?)
│ As a comprehensive standard for collections management – SPECTRUM has
the potential to be the back bone of our plan for collections management – aims
and priorities can be tied to procedures, results can be measured
│ SPECTRUM is presented and linked to a whole range of resources, internal and
external at Collections Link – we hope to provide much the same kind of service
on our web site (Advice, Policies and legal advice etc., «How to…» videos and
│ We can probably implement SPECTRUM directly through our digital
infrastructure (since almost all norwegians museums under the Ministry of
Culture use the same CMS)
Digital infrastructure – main elements
Digital infrastructure – responsibilities
The museums
- functional
- testing
- The digital museum
- CultureHUB
- Primus
- Statistics
- technical
- standards
development +
- funding
- coordination
- basic teaching
The Arts Council
Standards to regulate infrastructure:
Museum work – Primus and Statistics
• CEN-standards
• Existing norwegian standards
Ontology and data exchange formats for museum objects – Primus
and Statistics
• Dublin Core
…vocabularies and authorities – CultureHUB
• Thesaurus
• Problem: system turns into a standard of its own….
Projects 2013│Conservation module in Primus
│Module for planning and documenting maintenance of cultural historical buildings in Primus
│Standard and software system requirements for museum logistics
│Building an Arts Council sub site – presenting the SPECTRUM procedures, appendix
│Start producing and linking to different resources from the procedures
│Statistics – framing todays numbers in SPECRUM terminology
│One week course training museum staff to make their museum work more efficently and to better
integrate documentation, dissemination conservation and collections care
│Important to support digitization, long term preservation og digital material, legacy data, etc.
Ultimate goals
We are looking to see if SPECTRUM can function as the glue
between all the different professions involved in collections
management witin one museum, between museums and maybe even
to help integrate collections and collection work with the rest of
museum activities.
Spectrum – How?
Ingrid Louise Flatval
Senior advisor Museums Section
Translating Spectrum
│Language Wire
│Cost: aprox. NOK 35.000,│Using avaliable standards i.e. CEN CEN/TC
│www.kulturrad.no – link to translated
Testing and
│Feedback from relevant professional bodies
│Testing Spectrum in selected museums
│Evaluation of benefit and adaptability
│National hearing?

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